The Green Card Lottery Selection

Recently, there have been a few questions on the blog about when the winners of the Green Card Lottery will be announced. The simple answer to the question is that we don’t quite know yet, but it will be soon.

The Green Card Lottery for this year ended its registration period at the beginning of November and unfortunately you will not be able to apply for the next lottery until October of next year, 2013.  If you sign up with we can help you automatically register for the lottery as soon as the registration period opens.

Currently, the State Department is collecting all of the applications and selecting around 100,000 of them to be selected for the next step in the green card lottery process. After winners have been selected they will have to apply for an adjustment of status to get their green card.

Usually the winners are announced in May of the year following the registration period, typically on the first of May. However, they will sometimes have a second drawing for that year’s applicants in October. Check in with regularly for the latest news on winner selection dates.

In order to find out whether or not you are a winner it is of great importance to retain and keep safe your confirmation number. The confirmation number will appear on your web browser after you have completed the application. Be sure to write it down because there is no way to retrieve it on your own if it gets lost. If you use we will keep your confirmation number safe for you in case you lose it, but it is still very important to have your own copy of the number.

Sign up for the Green Card Lottery today!