Permanent Residents Call America Home!

The Green Card Lottery affords immigrants an amazing and exciting opportunities, the ability to live, work and study in the United States is a nearly priceless privilege. Now that the Green Card Lottery’s registration period is open you can sign up for the drawing and be that much closer to entering the United States with a permanent residency visa. However, time is running out, the last day to sign up for the Green Card Lottery is November 3 at noon, so sign up today!

When you do enter the United States you will have a variety of different domiciles to choose from. They range from small and inexpensive studio apartments to mansions. Regardless of what kind of home you want to live in it is likely that you will end up speaking to one particular person, a REALTOR.

REALTORs are trademarked real estate agents who are regulated by a state body to ensure that their business practices are the fairest and most ethical they can possibly be. There happen to be quite a few laws pertaining to real estate, landlords, housing communities, utilities and public safety. This confluence of issues makes REALTORs nearly imperative.

You can often find real estate agents in walk-in offices and many of them are multi lingual and can help you out in the language of your choice.

Apartments are normally advertised in newspapers or other publications that only handle apartment advertisements. They are generally managed by landlords, however there are other ways by which they are managed. Sometimes the price of the apartment will include the price of utilities such as gas, power and water and sometimes they do not. In any case real estate agents will be able to help you pick out your preferred home.

Apply for the Green Card Lottery today and get on track to calling the United States your home!