Immigration Nation: Benefits of a Democratic Republic

Sometimes, when people file for the Green Card Lottery, the idea immigrating to the United States is just the first thing of which they think. America sounds as good as anyplace to move to and plenty of people do it every year. But there are many very specific and logical reasons for why the United States is a good place to immigrate. One of the foremost reasons is the formation and establishment of an enduring democratic-republic.

At the time of the United States’ establishment in the later part of the 18th century the concepts of republics and democracies were old ideas, originally invented and used by Greeks and Romans centuries before. However, the most common political system at the time was that of monarchies. Monarchies, which still exist today in some places, are governmental systems where families inherit the rights to rule and own the lands under their control or demesne. Americans, when considering breaking from the European systems of government wanted to establish a state that was both republican and democratic as to encourage leadership based on merit instead of blood.

Republicanism is when the government exists to assist the people instead of contributing to the wealth of a monarch. Though the general idea of a republic is to provide for the people there have been many republics that have been very repressive and instead of helping the people they really just subdued them. That is why democracy is needed as well.

Democracy, by definition means a government of the people and is an essential part of American politics from its foundation to today. Everyone in a democracy is entitled to vote and have a say in their own government so that they can help decide what is best for them.

Together, these two ancient concepts work together to create one of the most stable governments that has ever existed on Earth. Although permanent residents are not allowed to vote in most elections, permanent residency is the first step to citizenship. If you want to get on track to participate in the best democratic-republic in the world be sure to sign up for the Green Card Lottery today before the registration period closes on November 3, 2012.