Green Card Lottery Tips

The Green Card Lottery is an excellent way to try to get an American green card! Registration ends November 2, 2013, so register soon!

Here are some tips to make registering for the Green Card Lottery just that much easier.

Don’t Try to File More Than Once

Some people think that they can increase their chances of winning by filing multiple registration Applications, but this is not allowed.

Any duplicate applications will be automatically rejected. This effectively brings one’s chance of winning the Green Card Lottery to zero percent!

File with a Spouse

While one person cannot submit multiple applications, couples can file two separate applications. This effectively doubles one’s chance of getting a green card as long as both spouses intend to immigrate to the U.S.

Prepare Before Filing

The registration application will ask a number of questions that have to do with your personal information and your personal records.

It’s a good idea to have relevant documents nearby when registering for quick reference.

Applicants only get one chance to file for the Green Card Lottery once they start the process, so it is a good idea to be prepared.

Having digital copies of you and your dependents should also be nearby when ready to file one’s application.

Keep Your Confirmation Number Safe

At the end of the registration period applicants are given a confirmation page and on that page there will be a confirmation number. You should try to keep multiple copies of this number.

For example you can print out a physical copy of the page and then save a PDF print of the page to your computer.

Don’t give up!

The Green Card Lottery is a lottery after all and it might take multiple years to actually win. Make the process easier on yourself by saving your information!