Green Card Lottery: File Right!

The Green Card Lottery’s registration period has less than two weeks to go before it closes and potential immigrants to the United States must wait until next year to participate in this program. In order to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity at immigrating to the United States applicants must file for entry into the Lottery before noon on November 3, 2012.

The Green Card Lottery is an annually mandated program under the authority of the United States Congress, but administered by the State Department. How it works is that people enter the lottery in the fall (this period lasts about a month) and then the government looks at the applications to see if they all qualify for entry (not all applications are filled out correctly). Then in the spring, normally around May the government draws the numbers for the lottery and announces approximately 100,000 winners of the lottery. Not all of these people will win either. The next step is the application for the green card. About half of the green card lottery winners will qualify for a green card. However, once you have a green card you can enter the country to live work and study at any time.

Many people who apply for the Green Card Lottery make mistakes when they file their applications. They may miss the deadline, fill out the form incorrectly, lose their confirmation number or simply forget about one of the steps, however, with, you can rest assured that your application will be filed correctly, you will be entered for the Green Card Lottery and you have the absolute best chance at winning the drawing. We are able to do this through our experienced customer service teams who will help you through the application process.

Though we are not associated with the government in any way, our experience in dealing with the Green Card Lottery does not detract from our expertise on the subject. Apply for the Green Card Lottery today!