Green Card Lottery Common Concerns

The Green Card Lottery will start accepting applications on October 1, 2013 for DV 2015.

People interested in becoming green card holders through this program should try to be as informed about the program as possible.

Applicants will only have one opportunity to get their application right and it is absolutely important that one be prepared to enter the lottery correctly. Incorrect applications or duplications will result in a general rejection of the person from the Green Card Lottery program.

Applications must be submitted between October 1 and November 2, 2013 and applicants will only have one chance to fill the form out correctly.

Below are some commonly asked about features of the Green Card Lottery.

Confirmation Number

A confirmation number is given to the applicant after they file their online registration. They will be presented with the confirmation number in their browser window.

It is extremely important that this number not be lost. Confirmation numbers cannot be replaced and any attempts to retrieve a second confirmation number will void both applications.

Applicant’s confirmation numbers will be necessary to check one’s status on May 1, 2014, the day when the winners of the Green Card Lottery will be announced.


Photographs of the applicant and dependents of the applicant must be included in one’s registration application for it to be considered official.

Some applicants have asked if they can mail their photographs to the State Department when they register online. The State Department will not accept physical photographs, they must be electronic in form.

One useful workaround for people without a scanner or a digital photograph is to send the physical photograph to someone who does have a scanner, have them make a digital copy of the photo and then email it back to the applicants.

This digital file can then be used to register for the Green Card Lottery, provided it follows the strict specifications for photographs in the Diversity Visa Lottery program.