What Is the Entry Period for DV Lottery?

The Diversity Visa Lottery, also commonly called the DV Lottery, is an annual immigration program that opens its doors for registration every year in October.

This period of time which typically runs from early October to early November is called the registration period and is, in effect, the entry period of the DV Lottery.

Generally, the State Department, which runs the lottery, does not announce the exact date of the start or finish of the Green Card Lottery until a few months before the registration period begins. Because of this, it is a good idea to pay regular attention to updates and news alerts pertaining to the Green Card Lottery.

The registration period is very important for those who wish to enter into the lottery because otherwise they will not be able to enter into the selection lot.

Late registration is not allowed by the Department of State, but certain services (like this one) allow you to register any time of the year. The actual registration will not be accepted by the Department of State until the registration period opens in October, but the application can be stored until that time.

All applications must be filed online as paper registration for the Green Card Lottery is no longer accepted by the United States government.

The Green Card Lottery is a fantastic way for immigrants to petition the United States government for immigration, particularly if they have no other basis for application.

People who are unable to immigrate to America based on employment or family can use the Green Card Lottery to apply for immigration.

Applicants are selected using a machine which randomizes selectees, however the system is also weighted to exclude people who hail from countries which already have high levels of immigrants coming to the United States.