E-DV Lottery Winners Announced

On May 1, 2013, the State Department started to allow applicants from the 2012 Green Card Lottery registration period the chance to check whether or not they have won.

E-DV (The Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery Entrant Status Check Website)

Registrants looking to check the status of their application can sign on to the State Department’s Diversity Visa website. In order to successfully check one’s status one will need to be able to confirm

  • The confirmation number they received upon registration for the 2014 Green Card Lottery, and
  • The full name associated with the applicant’s registration form.

Registrants who did not win the 2014 Green Card Lottery are encouraged to apply for the next one, DV-2015. Because of the popularity in Congress of Immigration Reform, it may be very possible that the next Green Card Lottery will be the last one, so be prepared for registration in the fall!

DV-2014 Results

There will be approximately 100,000 applicants who will be selected as winners for the Green Card Lottery registration. These lucky individuals will be selected from regions all over the world.

The State Department should release the statistics of where these winners are from very soon.

Unfortunately, not all of the 100,000 winners will be issued a green card. After an applicant has won, they will have to proceed through an immigrant visa process which often filters out ineligible candidates for immigration.

Take precaution against being filtered out by filing correctly and accurately in all necessary forms!

What Next for Winners?

Winners of the Green Card Lottery registration will have to wait for a few months before they receive their immigration visa paperwork from the Kentucky Consular Center.

Winners are discouraged from contacting the Department of State for more information as the KCC is the organization responsible for immigration after the winners have been selected.