American Lottery 2015

Many people associate the term ‘lottery’ with winning money in a formal lottery game. In some places huge sums of money are given out to winners who were lucky enough to guess all of the numbers drawn from a lot.

However, there is a lottery in the United States that gives out something even more valuable than cash, something that money cannot buy.

We’re talking about the Green Card Lottery. Every year the US State Department gives out 55,000 visas to people all over the world to further diversify the US immigration system.

You have a chance to immigrate!

Generally, the US immigration system focuses on either the relationships or education experience of a person to determine their entry into the United States. People who have high levels of education can likely find jobs that will sponsor their immigration just as people who have relatives in the states can have them sponsor their entry.

What about people who don’t have either of those things? Should they be excluded from coming to the United States?

The Green Card Lottery says that they shouldn’t. With a bare minimum of education a person can apply for immigration to the United States provided they come from an acceptable country.

Immigrants who want to take advantage of this program should be particularly wary when applying for entry. Small mistakes have been known to cause the State Department to summarily throw out applications. By taking your time and double checking all of the necessary requirements you can increase your chances of winning to the best possible.

With errors, your chances will drop to zero, but if the application is perfect then you have a good chance at one of those 55,000 visas!