Cultural Activities: Sports

Sports are very popular in the United States, much like most other countries. The primary difference is the type of sports that Americans choose to participate in.

As a permanent resident in the United States you have plenty of opportunities to participate in the enormous sporting events available all over the United States.

Here we will examine some of the more popular sports played in the United States. If you would like to find out how these games are played there’s no better learning tool than to go to see the game yourself!


“America’s Pastime” is baseball. Invented sometime in the 19th century it has been a preferred form of summer entertainment in the United States for over 100 years!

Baseball games are available in many different levels from professional baseball players to school teams to corporate intermural games.


Football, a game played with an ovoid ball and based on throwing, instead of kicking, is another incredibly popular sport in America. Another main difference between American Football and International Futbol is that Football is based on bursts of huge energy during play, whereas Futbol is focused on a constant exertion as players run back and forth across the field.

The Super Bowl, the ultimate football game of the year, which takes place near the end of winter, is a huge event and often draws over 100 million viewers on television!


Invented as an athletic exercise, rather than a pure game, basketball has developed into a very popular sport to follow and players are often very well-known celebrities.

Better than most other American sports, basketball has received a great deal of international attention and many other countries have basketball teams and leagues.

Basketball playoffs and tournaments often take place in late winter and springtime.