Fake is a private entity that provides a Green Card lottery review and submission service. This organization is not affiliated with the U.S. government that allows people to register for the lottery for free during the lottery season which traditionally is in October or November. provides submission services for a fee. Its services allow you to prepare your entry for the lottery anytime throughout the year. You also have an option to submit your entry in one of the seven different languages that you may be familiar with. In addition, your application and photo will be personally reviewed by one of its customer support representatives. This will help ensure that you submit a qualified entry. These services offered by are not available on the U.S. government website and are offered for a reasonable fee. Fake

Some have mistakenly claimed that is not a reputable site or is a scam. Such claims are not true. is a private website that provides lottery review and submission services for a fee. Our website has detailed information on the services we offer and why a fee is charged. We do not scam people by promising to increase their chances of winning the lottery like some others do. We make every effort to provide the most valuable services to our customers for a reasonable fee.

How will these services benefit you?

If you make a mistake when you submit your application with, our support team will check your application for errors or mistakes and help you correct it. Our goal is to make sure that your application is error-free before submitting it to the U.S. government when the lottery season opens. This service is not provided to applicants who file with the government directly. You will likely not be able to make any changes to an application that you have already submitted.

Mistakes on the DV entry form can even lead to the refusal of DV visas. Every year, many visas are refused because of mistakes on the lottery entry form. Misspelled names, mistakes in date of birth, and wrong or incorrect photos are a few of the most common mistakes. Although some small mistakes may not necessarily lead to the denial or refusal of a visa, there are some that could. helps applicants avoid these mistakes. We make sure that your photo is in the right format before submitting your application to the U.S. government. If the photos you submit to us do not meet the specifications or are not in the right format, we will identify the error and help you find a photo that meets the minimum requirements. Once your entry is submitted, we will send your confirmation number directly to you.

What you need to know about the Green Card Lottery program?

The Diversity Visa lottery program that is commonly known as the Green Card lottery, is a program run by the U.S. government. This program was initially created in order to diversify America’s population. 50,000 immigrant visas are issued every year through this program to eligible nationals of countries that have not sent many immigrants to the U.S. You can find the list of Green Card Lottery ineligible countries here.

To participate in the lottery, you must be from a qualifying country and you must have at least high school education or the required work experience. You can find the requirements for the lottery here.

Here are some of the advantages of applying for the Green Card Lottery program with

You can complete your application on any day of the year and you do not have to wait for the lottery season to open. We will submit your application for you when the lottery season opens.

You can e-file your entry in just 15 minutes. You do not have to wait for the lottery season in October or November and beat the rush during the lottery season. You can sit back and relax and we will submit your entry on your behalf to the U.S. government.

We provide single and multiple year submission services. You can choose how many years you want us to submit your Green Card Lottery application and pay for those services. You can choose just one entry where your application will be submitted just this year or go for the two-year plan where your application will be submitted to the U.S. government this year and next year if you do not win the lottery this year. Likewise, you may go for the lifetime plan where your application will be re-submitted every year until you win the lottery. The fees for these three different plans are different.

You can find more details about our submission services here.

What services does offer?

  • Lottery registrations 365 days a year
  • Photo preparation and application processing services
  • You can mail your photos to us
  • Online customer support service
  • 24/7 account access

When can you apply for the Green Card Lottery?

The Green Card Lottery opens in October, every year. But our service will allow you to complete your entry for the lottery at any time during the year. You can apply when it is convenient for you and we will file your application when the lottery opens in October or November.

Results of the lottery are usually released in May of the following year. As soon as the results are out, we will send you a notification so that you can check the results of the lottery as soon as they are posted.

All you need to apply for the Green Card Lottery is some basic information including your contact information, level of education and basic biographical information.

Benefits of Entering the Green Card Lottery

Getting a Green Card in the U.S. is a dream of many. Many wish to become legal residents of this land of opportunities. So the demand for Green Cards is always greater than supply. There are different ways to get a Green Card in the U.S. and family sponsorship is one of the most common ways through which one can get legal resident status in the U.S. Likewise, employment-based immigration is another common way through which many immigrate to the U.S. and get Green Cards. The Green Card Lottery is the only way for some people to get a Green Card if they do not have anyone to sponsor them for legal status in the U.S.

Likewise, many wait for years to get their permanent resident cards. Participating in the Green Card Lottery is a chance for you to avoid the wait and get a Green Card sooner. For example, if you win the DV-2019 program, you will be allowed to apply for an immigrant visa during the fiscal year 2019 (between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019). You will likely be able to receive your immigrant visa within two years. Once you get the visa, you can immigrate to the U.S. and get your Green Card.

Beware of Green Card Lottery Scams

There are fake lottery sites that promise applicants that they will win, which is not possible. That is because the winners of the lottery are randomly selected by a computer.

Similarly, there are some companies that call people saying that they have won the lottery. Green Card Lottery applicants need to understand that the government will not call them to tell them that they have won. Those who enter the lottery will receive a confirmation number once they file their applications. This is the number that they will have to use to check whether they have won the lottery or not. Beware of scammers who call and tell you that you have won the lottery. They might also ask you to transfer money saying that they will mail your Green Card. Beware of such scams.

Some websites are legitimate and offer submission services just like, but unfortunately, there are others that are not good and may even try to scam people. If you want the peace of mind knowing you are using a reputable service, is your best option. We do not make false promises and will safeguard your information. Remember, our mission is to help you submit an error-free lottery application, which is the most important step to winning. The rest is out of your hands.

You can choose either to file your Green Card Lottery application with or file it with the U.S. government once the lottery season is open. Good Luck!