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Passport Services

There are a variety of paths by which you can apply for a passport depending upon whether it is your first or if you are renewing. These places will also allow you to add more pages to your passport if need be.

The Post office

Your local post office is likely to provide passport services to you. At certain location you can simultaneously have your passport photograph taken and file your passport application. Check the United States State Department's website for a comprehensive list of post offices that provide this convenient service here.

A Passport Agency

Passport Agencies are for people who are in a hurry to get their passport. Whether you are having your passport expedited or if you need it in four weeks there are a limited number of areas that host these centers. Below is a comprehensive list of cities that have Passport Agencies:

  • Hot Springs, Arkansas,
  • Atlanta, Georgia,
  • Boston, Massachusetts,
  • Buffalo, New York,
  • Chicago, Illinois,
  • Aurora, Colorado,
  • Norwalk, Connecticut,
  • Dallas, Texas,
  • Detroit, Michigan,
  • El Paso, Texas,
  • Honolulu, Hawaii,
  • Los Angeles, California,
  • Miami, Florida,
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota,
  • Portsmouth, New Hampshire,
  • New Orleans, Louisiana,
  • New York, New York,
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
  • San Diego, California,
  • San Francisco California,
  • Seattle, Washington,
  • St. Albans, Vermont,
  • Washington, District of Colombia,
  • And Tucson, Arizona.

The State Department

If you are applying for a passport renewal by mail you will be dealing, mostly, with the State Department. You can find their passport services web page here.

Your City Clerk Office

If your city has a city clerk they will sometimes help you get your passport.

Online Passport Services

There are also a variety of companies online that help you get your passport even faster. Some promising to deliver your passport in as little as a day. However, these companies charge a fee for their services in addition to the State Department's fees.