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Passport Renewal

Renew Your Passport

Ten years after the issuance of a passport it will expire, in which case you will have to renew it either by mail or in person. You will have two years after the ten year mark to renew your passport. If you wait longer than two years you will have to apply in person. If the passport is undamaged and none of the information regarding you identity has changed you may apply for renewal by mail. However, if the passport is damaged or if the information on it has changed you will need to apply in person at a Passport Agency.

Renewing Your Passport by Mail

If you are applying to renew your passport and it is not damaged or altered you are to submit Form DS-82 by mail to the address on the form. The State Department suggests that you mail the form and the supporting documents in a traceable envelope that is large enough that you won't have to fold any of the documents.

Necessary Documents to Renew Your Passport

Included with Form DS-82 you should also include proof of citizenship, current identification, a recent passport photo and a check or money order for the requisite fees. If your name happened to change since your last passport you should include the court documents that prove that your name has changed.