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Passport Application Status

After you submit your passport application you will have to wait a little while for the application to be approved and your new passport to be mailed to you.

Depending upon which service you use the wait times vary. It's very important to make sure you have your passport when you travel because without it you will not be admitted into the United State.

You can see your passport's progress by submitting your last name, your birthday and the last four digits of your SSN at the Department of State's website.

However, after you have submitted your passport application it will not be in the system until about a week to a week and a half later. You can, of course, check before that time, but the State Department will not be able to return any information until it is being processed.

Expedited passport applications will be available to check on five days after they are submitted.

Expedited Passport Applications

Expedited passport applications will arrive by mail between two and three weeks.

Regular Passport Applications

Regular passport applications will take four to six weeks to send you your passport though the mail.

Passports in a Rush

You can submit your application at a Passport Agency to expedite the process if you are leaving the country within two weeks. If your passport application is already submitted and you need to hurry it along to get out of the country within a week you should contact a representative at the National Passport Information Center here.

Your Passport in the Mail

If you are applying for an expedited passport through the mail it is important to mark the package EXPEDITE clearly. Otherwise it might be processed like a regular passport application.

The Department of State also suggests that you should mail your passports and documents in Tyvek containers and in such a way as you can track the package.