Green Card Lottery Plusses

The Green Card Lottery is a very popular program for many reasons. Every year 50,000 people win green cards in the program and millions actually register for the program. However, people sometimes wonder what it is that sets the Green Card Lottery ahead of all of the other immigration programs provided by the United States …

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Green Card Lottery Regions

The Green Card Lottery is a popular immigration program that issues immigration visas to people all over the world for the purpose of increasing the diversity of U.S. immigration numbers. Applicants are supposed to register during the designated registration period (between October 1 and November 2 for 2013) and then if they are winners of …

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Green Card Advantages

The Green Card Lottery is one of the best ways to get a Green Card (permanent resident card) in the United States. The registration period ends on November 2, 2013, so register today! Below are just a sampling of the advantages that you will receive with a Green Card. You Can Work Green card holders …

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