What Forms must be Filled by an International Traveler while Entering the United States?

If you travel within the United States you need not fill out any form. But there are certain forms that must be filled by international travelers who seek to enter the United States. You must fill the customs declaration form, if you travel to the United States from a foreign country. If you are traveling with your family, each member of the family may not be required to fill separate forms. This applies to the lawful permanent residents of the United States and the US citizens. A foreign national who is not a US citizen or a Green Card holder must fill Form I-94, Arrival/ Departure record along with the customs declaration form. Form I-94 must be completed by the people who travel to the United States with a visa.

You must submit all these required forms while you arrive at a US port of entry. Your forms will be inspected by a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer, who will then allow you to enter the United States. The US customs and border protection officers prevent the terrorists and criminals from entering into the country. They also see to that no drugs, agricultural pests and prohibited goods are smuggled.

Customs Declaration Form 6059B

Any individual including a US citizen who is traveling to the United States, must complete the US Customs and Border Protection declaration form. You will be required to fill out this form which contains questions about yourself and about the things that you are bringing to the United States. This form will also contain details about your immediate relatives who are traveling to the United States along with you and one form may be completed for your entire family.

Form I-94, Arrival/ Departure Record

You will be required to fill details about yourself on the CBP Form I-94, such as your name, date of birth, country of citizenship, visa issuance date, where your visa was issued and your anticipated address in the United States. Once you complete Form I-94, it will be processed and the CBP officer will stamp your Form I-94 and your passport along with your customs declaration form. The arrival portion of the arrival/departure record will be retained by the CBP officer while the departure portion and your passport will be returned to you. You must keep in your possession the departure portion of Form I-94, until you leave the United States and you must hand it over to the CBP officer while you depart.