USA Green Card Lottery: Qualifying Regions of the World

The Green Card Lottery is a path to U.S. permanent residency, without the need for a family or employer sponsor. It is a global program, available in most countries throughout the world.

Each year 50,000 winners are selected to receive green cards. Different qualifying countries are chosen every year, based on which countries and regions sent the fewest numbers of immigrants to the United States.

Below is a list of the world’s regions which qualified for the most recent Green Card Lottery (2019). Click on your region to see if your country qualified and find out your chance of winning a U.S. Green Card!




North America

Oceania: Central and South Pacific

South America, Central America, and the Caribbean

If you need help registering, we provide a review and submission service to help ensure you submit an eligible entry.

What Is the Green Card Lottery?

The Green Card Lottery is lottery-based U.S. immigration system. It’s an opportunity for people to apply for U.S. green cards (permanent residency) who are from countries with historically low immigration rates. Entrants are not required to meet typical qualifications for permanent residency, including having close relatives in the U.S. or an offer of employment from a U.S. company.

If you win the Green Card Lottery (also known as the Diversity Visa Lottery), then you will still need to officially apply for U.S. permanent residency. Not all winners receive green cards.