Some Things You Might Not Know About The Green Card Lottery

The Green Card Lottery is ending in four short days, so you might want to use We’ll ensure that your application is properly filled out and won’t be rejected for simple errors. Sign up today and get on track to living in the greatest country in the world!

There are a lot of countries on this beautiful earth of ours and the majority of them are considered eligible for the Green Card Lottery according to the State Department. Eligibility is determined to belong to a certain country if the applicant was born there, had a parent who was born there or their wife was born there.

Countries become ineligible for the Green Card Lottery when they have more than 50,000 of its residents immigrate to the United States in the period of about four years. Congress, which makes the Green Card Lottery possible, determines other rules for which countries are eligible as well. The ineligible countries are Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. This list, however, does not mention some of the exceptions. Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and North Ireland are all eligible for the Green Card Lottery. Any territories associated with the UK are not eligible. Guatemala, which in the past was ineligible, is now eligible for the Green Card Lottery.

The State Department does not accept paper applications anymore and will not contact you regarding the status of your lottery submission. This means that if you get any unsolicited messages about the Green Card Lottery it is likely to be a scam. In order to learn about your status in the Green Card Lottery you must check online using the confirmation number that you obtained when you applied online. is not a scam and does provide a very valuable service albeit at a nominal price. By using our service to help you file for the Green Card Lottery you can be sure that your application will not be rejected for any mere clerical errors that so often disenfranchise other applicants. In this way you will be increasing your chances to win the Green Card Lottery.

The Green Card Lottery’s registration period only lasts for one month every year. In order to sign up you must register during this time period. For 2012 the registration period is from October 2 to November 3. This of course means that you only have about four days to register. Registration both begins and ends at noon.

After the applications have been collected the State Department will draw the winners using a randomized computer which will make the selection process as easy as possible. The selection takes place on May 1st of 2013. After the selection, winners will be notified that they have won and then may begin applying for the actual green card, or permanent resident card.