Permanent Residents’ Rights

The Green Card Lottery is ending in about a week, so it is of utmost importance to register as soon as possible. As of noon on November 3, 2012 people who want to apply for the Green Card Lottery will have to wait until next year to register. The Lottery grants 50,000 permanent resident visas to immigrants which allow them to live, work and study in the United States indefinitely. Sign up with today and make sure that your application is accurate and complete.

Another benefit of permanent residency, as we have discussed recently in other blogs and articles on, is that you will be protected by the rights of the United States Constitution like any other person in America. Some of the rights granted in the Constitution have influenced other governments greatly within the past couple of centuries and stand as a testament to American liberty.

The Seventh Amendment ensures that you are entitled to a jury in any civil case that you may become involved in. The alternative to this is that a judge makes the decision on your case by his or herself. The addition of a jury is much more Democratic.

The Eighth Amendment prevents the sentencing of cruel or unusual punishment or unnecessarily large bail. Bail being an amount of money you can pay the court in order to get out of jail before your trial. There are often arguments that last to today about what, exactly, cruel and unusual means.

The Thirteenth through the Fifteenth Amendments are very important and were all introduced and ratified immediately after the American Civil war to prevent any such future secession by American states.

The Thirteenth Amendment strictly prohibits the previously accepted practice of slavery and indentured servitude. The American Civil War was fought, partially, because of the trend of Northerners wanting this to become law, but Southerners opposed it.

The Fourteenth Amendment is particularly important for immigrants because it establishes the definition of citizenship. This is where the rule that all persons born in the United States are automatically citizens comes from.

The Fifteenth Amendment is very important to civil rights in the United States because it establishes that everyone can vote, particularly freed slaves. However, women would not get the right to vote until many years later in 1919 with the Nineteenth Amendment.

These rights are available to all citizens in the United States. The Amendments regarding voting are only for citizens because only citizens are allowed to vote. However, you can become a citizen by getting a permanent resident card and waiting a few years before applying for citizenship. Apply for the Green Card Lottery with and get on the path to United States citizenship today!