Permanent Residents and Access to American Education

The Green Card Lottery is accepting applications as we speak and it is extremely advantageous for people looking to better their lives to enter this lottery. The registration period ends on November 3, 2012 so it is very important to file your forms soon with so that you can ensure that your application will be accepted by the United States State Department.

But why should someone even get permanent residency in the United States? How exactly does it improve one’s life? Aside from the rights to live and work in America, people often forget that permanent resident cards also allow you to study anywhere you like in the United States. You can even study abroad without losing your permanent resident status.

The United States has a reputation for being a center for higher education and research in the world. It’s part of American culture that with an education you can achieve absolutely anything and raise your socio-economic status to whatever height you desire.

There are a variety of educational institutions available to people after they have demonstrated their competency in studying either with a high school diploma or a GED. Some people go into vocational schools or community colleges where they learn a particular skill which usually takes between one and three years to complete. Some people enroll in community college to help themselves be better prepared for going to university.

At universities students attempt to attain a variety of degrees which include undergraduate degrees, Master’s degrees or doctorates. Undergraduate degrees are the most basic unit of education at university and are a requirement to enroll in either Master’s or doctoral programs. Undergraduate degrees cover a variety of subjects and are designed to open students up to a wide variety of things, but they are still required to choose a major which will help them focus their academic career.

After completing an undergraduate degree some people choose to go on to either a Master’s degree or a doctorate or Ph.D. program. These degrees are called post graduate degrees and are highly competitive, but also carry with them enormous amounts of prestige. Once a person achieves a Ph.D. they may then add the honorific “Doctor” to the beginning of their name.

Higher education is quite expensive; however there are a variety of ways by which you can pay for it that may make it more affordable such as student loans and grants from the government or financial institutions.  Even though it may be expensive to go to school it has been statistically shown that people who have gone to post-secondary school make more than those who have not.

So begin your educational experience in the United States as soon as you can and register for the Green Card Lottery today. Other methods for getting a green card in the United States can sometimes take 15 years or more! Student visas in America are only considered non-immigrant visas and severely limit what you can do in the United States. Come to America and begin your academic career today!