Permanent Resident? San Diego Is a Great Opportunity!

If you win the green card lottery you will then be able to apply for permanent resident status. What this means is that you can live anywhere in the United States. This is a wonderful opportunity because there are so many beautiful and enjoyable places to live in America. This creates a problem, however. If there are so many great places to live, how can you possibly choose? You should take some time to do some research on what place is best for you, but we’d also like to suggest some places that rank rather well on “best places to live” lists.

San Diego, California

Located on the Southern coast of California, nestled within rippling arroyos and canyons, beautiful San Diego eases its way onto the top of our list of best places to live. This city’s numerous beaches and extremely mild and stable climate makes it a lovely place to live and work in the United States.

Probably the largest part of the San Diego economy comes from the United States military. San Diego is a huge naval port and is also home to many different military contractors who work on the gigantic ships anchored at that port. For a new permanent resident in America, San Diego is a wonderful opportunity because you have the chance to enlist in the Navy and work at one of the largest ship-yards in the world. Talk about excitement! And, one of the best things about the United States military, regardless of the branch, is that while you are enlisted you are learning skills that can be useful outside of the military as well. This means that when you are done with your service you’ll be better prepared to get a high-quality, high-paying job.

Not all of the attractions of San Diego are practical, however. Some are just plain fun. Take for example the multitude of beautiful beaches in San Diego. Most are free to visit and are kept clean by city ordinances that fine people for littering or having campfires there. The little towns that cluster upon the natural, permanent sandbars along the coast of San Diego offer a variety of restaurants, bars, amusement parks and nightlife.

California itself is also worth a look. It is one of the largest states in the Union in both population and size. For a short period of time in the 1800s it was an independent country called the Republic of California and Americans will sometimes warmly tease that, yes, it might as well be its own country. This is because of its size, large economy, diverse ecology and relative autonomy in the way of general culture. California is the home of Hollywood, of the Mojave Desert, of Silicon Valley and San Francisco. California is so full of fascinating locales and people that it would be impossible to name them all.

If you do choose to move to California you can take the internationally famous Pacific Coast Highway to almost every spot on the California coast. Life is an adventure, start yours by signing up for the green card lottery today!