Permanent Resident? Be a Small Business Owner!

In a previous blog we discussed how to start a small business, but we didn’t really discuss what kind of small business someone should start in the United States. The Green Card Lottery can get you here with your permanent resident card, and the government offers some assistance for starting businesses, but it is your responsibility to dream big and figure out what kind of business you want to open up on the beautiful streets of America.

Really, businesses are a matter of dreams. Many people tangle up the American Dream and owning their own business into the same thought and rightfully so! In America you have the opportunity to run your business the way you like it and to your advantage.

There are a variety of different businesses that you might consider owning and running, but you will also have to consider that there will be specific local, state and federal regulations that pertain to your chosen path. Most professions, and we speak here of trades and vocations, have their own regulatory industries, such as unions, state regulatory boards or health and safety laws. These institutions exist as to reduce the potential damage that could be done to a consumer. However, these regulations can easily be considered a blessing because with them you will be providing a better product for your customers and therefore more likely to have them come back to use your company again and again.

Restaurants are a big winner in terms of small business in America. Everyone likes to claim that they have their own little hole-in-the-wall place (away from the rigid regularity of fast-food chains) that they hold as special because they have the best, well, whatever dish you decide to serve to them! The best kind of advertising is not the kind you put on a billboard or in the Sunday paper, but into people’s minds. When you’ve made such an impact on someone that they begin to tell their friends and family how much they like your restaurant you’ve gained some of the most valuable customers you could ever know.

Specialty retailers, such as bakeries and the like, are able to find niches within markets and are also able to sell to larger companies. Internet retailing has also gained quite a bit of momentum in recent years due to its ease of operation. Instead of having a brick-and-mortar business the daily activities can be conducted online in the comfort of one’s own home. Not to mention the economic flexibility that the Internet affords small business owners. When you don’t have a large and clunky storefront which has a hard time changing its general feel or ideological direction an Internet company can re-brand almost instantly.

So enter in the Green Card Lottery so that you can start your very own small business in America. Who knows, your business might not stay so small for very long!