Know About DV Green Card Lottery

You can become a permanent resident of US by getting a Green Card. It allows people to stay, work, live and enjoy many of the basic rights that US citizens have. There are quite a few legal ways to get a Green Card.

What Is US Visa Lottery?

One of the ways you can try getting a Green Card is via the DV Green Card Lottery system. Immigrants have a golden chance to get permanent residence in the US by means of the DV Green Card Lottery program. Applicants are selected arbitrarily to win a Green Card and around 50,000 Green Cards are issued every year.

Applicants must belong to a qualifying country and comply with all requirements for participation in the program. US immigration authorities do not allow every country to fall in the category of “qualifying countries”. Applicants need to belong to a qualifying country and also meet the educational/work experience qualifications to be eligible of applying for a Green Card.

Now you would be wondering why the citizens of certain countries are not allowed to take part in Green Card free lottery. After analyzing the past records and current ratio of visa applications, US immigration department has put certain restrictions. Some countries are not eligible for DV lottery since more than 50,000 people from that country would have immigrated to the US, using family or employment visas, during the last 5 years.

Only one application must be submitted by an eligible person. If you submit more than one entry, you will be excluded from the Green Card free lottery program. However if you are married and your spouse also wants to apply, then you both can submit separate entries to be included in the lottery program.

Don’t lose your heart if you are not from a qualifying country. You can still submit an application if your spouse belongs to an eligible country. If the application is approved, both husband and wife have to enter the US together. Children aged below 21 can also accompany their parents to the USA. If your spouse is not eligible, then you can also submit an application through your parents in case one or both of your parents belong to a qualifying country.

What Procedures Are Involved In DV Green Card lottery?

The application for DV Green Card lottery must be submitted online to the Kentucky Consular Center. The computer system will randomly pick from the list in way that all applicants will have an equal chance of being selected.

You can check the results through the E-DV entrant status check. Winners will be notified for an interview at least 4 to 6 weeks before the interview date. Kentucky Consular Center gives people ample time to prepare for the interview with US consular officers. All fees and form charges must be submitted at the time of visa application to the US embassy in your country.

If your are in the US and your application is selected, you can also apply for the adjustment of status to permanent resident. Your application has to be submitted at USCIS as soon as possible.