Increase in Mexican Tourists to the United States

The economy of the US seems to be increasing through tourism. A recent message from the U.S. Commerce Department disclosed that the foreign tourist who come to the US hit a new record. It reached a record of 62 million in the year 2011. The amount that the tourists spend on travel and goods has reached $153 million. It has contributed almost $1.2 trillion to the US economy. Canada ranks first in the tourist markets sending 21 million visitors, followed by Mexico with 13.4 million visitors to the US. Large numbers of tourists from abroad have made the US travel and tourism industry flourish. The President has also indicated that measures to boost tourism in the US will be taken.

There is a lot of evidence that the relationship of US with Mexico along the Southwest border has been helping the economy of America. But the Governor of Arizona, Jan Berwer is not bothered about the increasing tourism from Mexico. The Governor characterizes Mexico as a failed state.

There is an increase in tourism from Mexico every year. Mexico is United States’ third largest partner in trade. It is also the second largest in export market and sends around 13 million tourists each year, to the US. But 53% of Mexico’s population is middle class. It not easy to track Mexican tourists as they use American credit cards and currency. The process of maintaining the security standards and enhancing tourism in America, will be easy if the processing of tourist visa in Mexico is revamped.

Upgrading border infrastructure and investing more in staff will help in operating the the tourists from Mexico, effectively. The ports of entry along the Mexican border also needs to be upgraded, for effective operations related to tourism exports. According to the Governor of Arizona, the state should work with the National government and private business concerns to invest more in the ports of entry’s with Mexico, which in turn will increase legal travel into their state. For the region to prosper, tourism is considered to be a major source of income. Illegal tourism does not make any sense, promoting legal tourism will lead to an increase in revenue. Now the legal immigration of people is based on the concept of the 20th century, which is very difficult, whereas the 21st century model will make the movement of people easier.

Mexico is one of the fastest flourishing economies, it will have more capable citizens who can contribute greatly to the tourism in the United States. Being the 11th largest country in the world and the 12th largest in economy, most Mexicans live close to the United States than any other country across the globe. It would make sense for the US if it expands tourism from Mexico, which is one of the highest priorities of America’s new national tourism scheme.