Immigration Lotto – The Easiest Way to Become a US Citizen

If you are longing to enter US, then a simple process of getting a green card through a lottery, called DV lottery program can make your dream come true. A green card will allow you to enter, work, and reside in the US permanently, awarding you the status of a legal resident in US. There are numerous ways to acquire a green card, but Immigration Lotto is the easiest and simplest possible way to earn authority for you and your family to work and live in US, permanently.

Immigration Lotto and its Eligibility Criteria

Immigration Lotto or Diversity Visa (DV) lottery program is conducted every year, which awards 50,000 green cards to aspirants, who are randomly selected. In order to register yourself with the immigration lotto, you need to meet certain requirements like:

1. Belong to a qualifying country – Citizens of nearly every country in the world are eligible to register in the immigration lotto, apart from some nations, from where large number of migrants enters US regularly. A country is barred from entering into this lotto, if more than 50,000 nationals of that country have immigrated into the US, under the employment and family based visa category during the last 5 years. The qualifying country is generally the country of your birth. If you want to register in this lotto, you have to submit only one application, as more than one entry can lead to disqualification. However, if husband and wife, both meet eligibility criteria, they can submit separate applications.

2. Educational or Training Qualifications – An aspirant must either:

i) have successfully completed High School Education or something similar in his / her home country, as recognized in US OR

ii) have two years of work experience, during the last five years.

The following countries are the ones that are ineligible for registering for immigration lotto:

Brazil, Philippines, China (mainland), Canada, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Macao, Columbia, Ecuador, Poland, Guatemala, El Salvador, South Korea, Haiti, Jamaica, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Peru and Vietnam.

Even if you belong to a non-qualifying country, you can enter this lotto through:

  • your spouse, if your spouse is from an eligible nation,
  • your parent(s) nations of birth meet eligibility.


Registering for immigration lotto is very simple and fast. You need to fill the electronic lotto application form via the Internet. When the application is complete, you will have to submit photographs of all family members registered and pay the processing fee. Once the registration is complete, you will receive a notice of confirmation number using which you can remain updated about your status and results of the application.


At the Kentucky Consular Center, the separately numbered applications are selected randomly from every geographic area. If selected, the Kentucky Consular Center will send letters of appointment to the individuals prior to their interview with the overseas US consular officers.

Applicants can check if they have won the immigration lotto or not through the DV entrant status check.