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Green Card LotteryThe US Congress, with an aim of diversifying the population of America, conducts the Green Card lottery program every year. This program helps the citizens of many foreign countries to achieve their American goals, by allowing them to obtain immigrant visas, if they win in the lottery program. The number of applicants taking part in the DV lottery program is increasing every year. Many who do not have US citizen relatives or employers as sponsors, choose this Green Card lottery program which gives them a fair chance to get immigrant visas. To participate in this program, an individual must satisfy certain requirements and must be a citizen of an eligible country. If you are a person who looks forward to immigrate to the United States by participating in the DV lottery program, you may get access to various helpful resources offered by USA Green Card lottery or on Wiki.

An online application may be filed to participate in the lottery program. Filing the application is not an easy process as you must fill the form and file it within 60 minutes. But, when you use the services provided by  you also have an option to save the form and file it later on. USA Green Card lottery will help you to fill out this form and file it. This lottery program is beneficial to potential foreign nationals who seek to become permanent residents of America. As many as 50,000 winners will be granted immigrant visas with which they can immigrate to the United States and obtain Green Cards and reside permanently in the country as lawful permanent residents. This program does not only allow the foreign nationals to immigrate to the United States but it also allows them to work there and sponsor their eligible family members. A person who immigrates to the United States by winning the Green Card lottery program, may choose to reside in any American state and may work anywhere in the country.

While you submit an entry to take part in the DV lottery program, you will be required to submit digital photographs of yourself and your eligible dependents. The photographs that you send must meet certain compositional and technical specifications. Your entry will be rejected, if the photographs do not adhere to the specifications. USA Green Card lottery which offers a free photo validator will help you to submit the photographs according to the Green Card lottery specifications. Moreover, USA green card lottery, allows you to submit applications to take part in the DV lottery program, all through the year. Few other services offered by USA Green Card lottery are, photo processing services and online support services. You may also send your photographs by post, if you choose to enter the DV lottery program through USA Green Card lottery.

USA Green Card lottery provides convenient registration services and it will see to that your application is filed in time. Information that you provide will be checked and you will be contacted if additional information is required. The registration service will take all efforts to ensure that your application is valid. The complicated photo submission process will become easier by using the services offered by USA Green Card lottery. Wiki offers various resources to people who seek to take part in the lottery program. As the registration period for DV 2014, has been announced, submit an online application to take part in the DV lottery program and win the Green Card lottery. Apply for Green Card Lottery Today!