Green Card Lottery Photograph Requirements

The Green Card Lottery, also known as the Diversity Visa Lottery, is submitted online through a website administered by the United States State Department. This means that you will likely have to submit a digital photograph with your application. Considering the relatively easy and available methods out there for doctoring photographs the State Department has quite a few requirements to ensure that every one’s application is as accurate and true as possible.


These intense requirements may necessitate some assistance from more experienced organizations that are aware of the regulations and have the tools to achieve the best results. Fortunately is just that kind of organization and we are prepared to help you in whatever capacity necessary in order to ensure that your application is accepted by the State Department for the Diversity Visa Lottery.


Should you enter into the Green Card Lottery it should be your utmost concern to ensure that your application is filed properly because if you do happen to make a mistake, the State Department is not so courteous as to let you know you made an error. Instead, they simply discard the application if there is an error. You effectively only have one chance every year on this application, so you will want to be as accurate as possible on your first attempt.


Unfortunately, the number of visas distributed every year is limited and often times people might have to apply for consecutive years. Although this may seem to be a hassle, the truth of the matter is that even if this is a bit of a pain it still takes considerably longer to get a green card either through a relative or a job. There are some people who have been waiting for 15 years for their family class visa to come through! Any amount of time less than that is infinitely better.


Probably the most difficult requirement for the Green Card Lottery application is the photograph. The reason why is because it is a very technically specific thing and by nature contains a large amount of information. Most people innately see a small photo of a face and they think that it is no big thing, rather it’s a very simple piece of information. However, when you begin to analyze the matter there is a huge amount of information contained within a small, color photograph. How the eyes look, what color their hair is, whether a person’s mouth tends to smile or frown. (One can only get the impression that the person is either smiling or frowning because you are not allowed to smile in these official photographs.)


The specificity that the government goes into with regards to how many pixels wide the photograph has to be is enough to confound anyone. The rules even dictate how much your face should take up the picture percentage wise. Fortunately is experienced in these matters and we can make sure that your application photograph is as perfect as it is going to be.