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Free information about the Green Card Lottery can be found very easily, particularly on this website!

We’ve been busy putting together articles to help you immigrate using the State Department’s Diversity Visa Program. You can find our top ten articles written about the program here, free of charge.

People tend to have a lot of very similar questions regarding the Green Card Lottery and that is why we put together the Green Card Lottery FAQs. Find answers to questions like “Can someone else file on my behalf?” “How are successful applicants selected?” or “Can persons already in the US apply for the program?”

How does one even know if one has won the Green Card Lottery? The answer, in short is the Green Card Lottery Entrant Status Check. For a more detailed explanation click to see the article!

Worried about potential scams involving the Green Card Lottery? Stay current and informed with our article about the USCIS warning about fake emails.

Looking for a general overview of how to get a Green Card in the United States? Look no further than our guide to how to get an American Green Card.  Learn about all the pathways to permanent residency.

Pathways to permanent residency and even US citizenship for illegal aliens or undocumented residents are hot topics right now and you can learn more about the law behind the issue with our article “Path to US Citizenship for Illegals?”

The process for applying for the Green Card Lottery has a lot of parts to it and it can sometimes become confusing. For example: Should family members submit separate entries for the Green Card Lottery? The answer to your question is only a click away.

Sometimes the questions can be as simple as what is a visa? Here we describe the primary differences between immigrant and non-immigrant visas, which is very important to know when you are applying for immigration benefits.

After you’ve won the Green Card Lottery what do you do next? Winning the Green Card Lottery is only the start of your path to the United States. Learn more about applying for your visa here!

Need to know more about what you need to do to be a citizen? Find out who should take the citizenship test and plan out your immigration future!

Understanding the rights afforded to you as a resident in the United States is an important part of immigration. In the United States the Bill of Rights outlines the basic rights of all residents in the country.

When you decide that you want to immigrate to the US you can be sure that is there for you.