Green Card Lottery – Entrant Status Check

Green Card lottery or the Diversity Visa (DV) lottery is a program conducted by the US government every year. It provides 50,000 immigrant visas to people from various countries around the world. People from all the countries are not allowed to enter the Green Card lottery. If you belong to a country which has sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the United States, over the past 5 years, then you may not be eligible to enter the DV lottery.

The DV lottery program is something that helps most people to get an immigrant visa to immigrate to the United States. This is more helpful to people who do not have a relative or a job offer through which they can enter the United States. Such people who do not have sponsors, may be eligible for an immigrant visa, it they win the DV lottery. Winning the Green Card lottery is strictly based on luck. All the winners also do not get an immigrant visa to immigrate to America. Only the selectees who satisfy the DV lottery eligibility requirements, qualify for an immigrant visa.

Entrant Status Check

On applying for the DV lottery online, the applicant will receive an application confirmation number. The entrants of the DV lottery must retain their confirmation numbers until the DV lottery results are out. It is because they can check whether they had won the lottery or not only through the Entrant Status Check on the E-DV website. They cannot check their winning status without the confirmation number.

The US Department of State does not send any notification letters my mail or email to the successful DV lottery entrants. The applicants can only check the status of their applications, through the E-DV website, in order to find out whether they are one among the lucky winners.

The entrant status check is the only way of getting information about your entry. All the applicants including those who are not selected for a diversity visa can check their status through the entrant status check. While they check their application status, they will be required to enter their name, date of birth, last name and the confirmation number. Without such information they will not be able to check the status of their applications, even if they had won.

While the applicants enter all the required information to check their status, the selected applicants will be directed to another page which provides further information about their application process. The people who had not won will not be directed to any other page containing other information.

The winners will be able to receive all information about their application processing only through the entrant status check and they will not receive any mails from the Kentucky Consular Center. The will receive e-mails as a reminder to check the entrant status check for information about their application process, required documentation, interview date and time.

After being selected for further visa processing, the selectee must collect all the required civil documents and file an application for an immigrant visa. The required fee must be paid and the applicant must also complete a medical examination. An interview with an immigration officer will be scheduled after that. Hence all the information starting from receiving the Green Card lottery winning notification to the final interview can be obtained only through the entrant status check.