Green Card Lottery and Scam

There are millions of people who wish to enter and live in the United States, permanently. Getting a Green Card is the one of the most difficult aspects for such people. Many foreign nationals attempt to enter the United States through a lot of ways. Certain people who try to enter the United States as a lawful permanent residents, are at times unable to succeed in winning their American goal.

For such people the Diversity Visa lottery program is said to be a boon. Millions of people across the globe, seek to enter the United States through the Diversity lottery program, with a hope to be selected for an immigrant visa.

The main objective of the DV lottery program is to provide permanent resident status for the people from countries, from where very few people had immigrated to the United States.Certain rules must be followed to participate in this program. This program is also not an open door for the people from every country.

One of the rules associated with the Green Card lottery process is that you must be a citizen of a country which is qualified to enter this program.

This Green Card lottery program increases diversity among the population of America. It also allows the people around the world to fulfill their dreams by granting them permanent resident status in America. This program which is conducted every year, offers 50,000 diversity immigrant visas to the winners.You can enter the DV lottery program free of any charge. Often scam involves where the individuals are asked for a fee to enter the Diversity Visa lottery or the Green Card lottery.

Winning the lottery is based on your luck but there are certain businesses saying that they have special ability to enter the lottery which may increase the applicant’s chance of winning. This is only to steal money by defrauding the applicant. Entries for the Green Card lottery program are available for a limited time and you must apply within the last date.

Do not pay any fee to submit an entry to take part in the DV lottery program. Make sure that you submit only one entry.

The State Department does not notify the winners by mail or by email. From the DV-2012 program, the applicants are responsible to check the application status through the Entrant Status Check, online. Hence, if you receive any notification by mail or e-mail, then you must understand that it has been sent to defraud you. These mails and e-mails are intentionally designed to steal money from victims who are unaware. The senders are often found to use fake e-mail addresses and logos that look more like an official government correspondence.

Hence, to protect yourself from getting deceived, be aware about the Green Card lottery program that is conducted by the US Department of State.