Green Card Lottery 2014 – Win a Green Card

Winning a Green Card and immigrating to America is the dream of numerous foreigners across the globe. People who do not have relatives and employers to sponsor them for permanent resident status, need not worry thinking that they will never get an opportunity to immigrate to America. That is because, the American Green Card lottery 2014 program, will allow eligible foreign nationals who win the lottery to immigrate to the United States. This DV-2014 program does not require the applicants to have sponsors in the United States, but it only requires them to have the required educational qualification or the qualifying work experience, which will prevent them from becoming public charges in the United States.

Most people around the world are aware of the DV lottery program, which annually provides 50,000, diversity immigrant visas. As there is no limitation in the number of times an applicant can enter this program, eligible foreign nationals can take part in this program every year, until they are lucky enough to win the lottery. But that does not mean that an applicant can submit multiple applications in a year, as submitting more than one application will lead to the denial of your application. Submit only one entry with your name as the primary applicant. However, your name may be listed in the application of your spouse as an eligible dependent, if your spouse files a separate entry. Filing separate applications for you and your spouse may increase your chances of winning, as you may qualify for an immigrant visa in the derivative status if your spouse wins and similarly your spouse may qualify if you win.

If you had always been dreaming of immigrating to the United States, you may file an application to enter the Green Card lottery 2014 program, now. This is the best way through which you can immigrate to the great nation of your dream. Online applications have to be filed to enter DV-2014. Remember that to take part in the lottery program your home country must be in the list of eligible countries. There is a list of ineligible countries and citizens of those countries are ineligible to participate in the Green Card lottery program.

Filing an entry to participate in this program is not a complicated process as you may take sixty minutes to complete the online application. This is if you are applying directly on the government website. For a fee, you can use our service which will allow you to save your application and complete it later. We will also submit your application for you during the submission period. Remember that digital pictures of yourself and your dependents must be submitted along with your DV-2014 application. Entries with the photographs that meet the Green Card lottery specifications alone will be processed. We will ensure the completeness of your application and the correctness of the photos.

Eligible winners of the Green Card lottery 2014, will be granted immigrant visas after an interview and after you provide the required documentation to establish your eligibility to immigrate to the United States. Register online, as soon as possible, to participate in the DV lottery program. You could be a lucky winner of a Green Card and immigrate to the United States, on filing an application to enter the DV-2014 program.