Gift a Green Card?

There are a few who spread a rumor that there is a green card gift visa. If anyone tells that they can arrange one for your friend without your friend knowing, don’t trust them!

Even if an application wins the lottery, the applicant is required to undergo lot of checks and interviews before the actual card is issued. No one can surprise you with a green card gift, neither can you. It is impossible and it is important to know that green cards are not transferable. If you win in a DV lottery program, you will not be able to give away your right to immigrate to the United States as it is not allowed and there is no process in place where the ownership of the application can be transferred to some one else.

Do not try organizing a visa gift to your friends or any one for that matter. If you apply in your friend’s name, no matter how correct and proper, your friend might lose his chances to get the visa if he has already applied or plans to apply. Multiple submissions are not allowed in the Diversity Visa Lottery Program. Do not, under any circumstance, attempt to organize visa gifts or take advice from anyone who says so.

A green card gives you a key to the doorway to your own dreams of the United States. United States is called the land of opportunity where the American freedom offers you an excellent opportunity and it is entirely up to you how you grab and choose to use it. The green card is indeed an opportunity and, if you are looking for a path to become an American, make sure you do not miss this.

America, a relatively young country is the most thriving, most developing and richest nation. Life in the United States is a mix of both hard work and great pleasure. The lifestyle is very dynamic and challenging. It is hard because that is what exactly happens when you are in a foreign soil.

The United States comprises of people of different origins and ethnicities where many languages are spoken by people of varying cultures and religions. The United States has its arms wide open to legal immigration and that’s exactly the reason why the Diversity Visa immigration program exists in first place.

As a green card holder, you have the privilege of most legal rights under US law, except for the voting right which only US citizens enjoy. Further more, you might qualify to apply for American citizenship at a later stage, once you fulfill the eligibility requirements needed while applying for citizenship. It is not mandatory that you take US citizenship. You can be a green card holder forever. If your current country allows dual citizenship with the US, you can get US citizenship without giving up your current nationality.

If you have a US permanent resident card, your spouse and minor unmarried children under 21 are permitted to stay with you in the US as dependents.