Getting a Job in the U.S.

For non-U.S. residents, the U.S. is a very attractive place to look for employment. It not only considered one of the most diverse and powerful economies in the world, but it also confers many rights to its residents.

Citizens and green card holders (permanent residents) of the U.S. are allowed to work in whatever position they can secure within the country. Temporary residents generally have to get permission from the Department of Labor (DOL) or the USCIS to work in the U.S.

The Green Card Lottery

The Green Card Lottery is considered one of the easiest ways to get permanent residency in the U.S. because of the very few requirements for entry into the program.

As mentioned before, a person who has permanent residency has the right to work wherever they so choose in the U.S. provided an employer is willing to hire them. They do not need to obtain a work permit for USCIS.

Applicants for the Green Card Lottery only need to be from a qualifying country and have at least a high school education to enter in the registration process.

Registration for the Green Card Lottery usually begins in the first week of October but with USAGCL, you can register all year round. Click here to register now.

Employment Based Immigration

Many people who are able to get job offers inside the U.S. from outside of the U.S. can apply for immigration based on their job.

This will require their employer to sponsor their immigration and to file relevant documents and applications with the USCIS.

While this process is rather extensive, there are generally plenty of work visas available for people to apply for, provided they have the proper qualifications to get a green card through their employer.

Immigrants who come to the U.S. for a job are allowed to bring their dependents with them including their spouse and any of their legal children.

Family Based Immigration

Many people choose to immigrate to the U.S. to be closer to their family members. And although this visa class is not directly related to working in the U.S., that does not mean that these permanent residents cannot work in the U.S.

Citizens and green card holders in the U.S. may sponsor their qualified relatives to immigrate to the U.S. and join them. These new permanent residents in the U.S. may then work anywhere in the U.S. to support themselves and their family members.

Temporary Work Visa

There are a number of temporary worker visas available to people, however, they are temporary and people who work with these permits must leave after a predetermined period of time.

Some visas, like the H1-B visa, allow immigrants to change their status to permanent resident before their visa expires, but this is one of the only visas that allows a person to do this. Other visas require a person to re-apply after they leave the country.