Ganar la Lotería de Visas de EE. UU.

The Diversity Visa Lottery or Green Card Lottery is basically a program carried out by the Kentucky Consular Center of the US Department of State. UU that gives US citizenship to 50,000 people from different regions. To submit a diversity visa application, you must be eligible according to the criteria defined by the US Immigration authorities. UU

How can you win the US Visa Lottery? UU?

The lottery program has no age limit, which means that people of all age groups can participate in the lottery program. However, there are certain eligibility requirements that must be considered if you wish to participate in the US Visa Lottery Program. UU

  • First of all, you must be a citizen of a qualifying country.
  • You must have at least a high school education or its equivalent, or you must have two years of professional work experience within the last five years. This automatically rules out applicants under the age of 18.

Depending on the requirements, you must submit an application using the US Visa Lottery form. UU online.

A strict rule has been established that states that an applicant can not send more than one application in one year. If you have submitted more than one application, it will be denied immediately and you will not be able to participate in the US Visa Lottery Program. UU

Also, if you got married, you should include your spouse’s name and details of his or her nationality. You must also include the same information about your children under 21, if applicable. However, if your spouse or children are US citizens, then it is not necessary to include your details on the form.

Criteria for selection and continuation of the process:

All applications received by the Kentucky Consular Center are verified to determine their accuracy, and any application that does not have the required information is set aside. Complete applications are assigned a unique number, which is also known as a registration number.

In this instance, with the help of an automated system, 50,000 random requests are selected so that each request has the same possibility of being included in the lottery. A serial number is assigned to each selected request. For example, the first randomly selected entry will receive the number 1, the second will receive the number 2, the third the 3 and so on.

Applicants can check online the status of their case through the Government website using their confirmation number. This is the only way to verify the results. Winning candidates will receive additional instructions and information about the rates.

Once you have received a confirmation of the formal interview with the Immigration authorities, you must prepare and you will have a minimum of one month to six weeks to do so. If the interview is satisfactory, you will receive a visa.

Each year, the tickets selected in the lottery program exceed the number of visas that are awarded. This is because not all the selected applicants qualify to obtain a Green Card (green card) or not all choose to complete the process of the Visa Lottery. The US Visa Lottery Program UU it closes once the 50,000 visas are assigned.