DV Lottery 2014 Results and Procedures

DV Lottery Winners to Be Announced

The Green Card Lottery, also referred to as the Diversity Visa Lottery 2014, accepted eligible registration applicants between October 2, 2012 and November 3, 2012.

Immigrants who are not eligible for other classes of immigration in the United States often use this program to go to the United States.

The results for the lottery itself will be released on May 1, 2013 on the State Department’s online diversity visa page. In order to check an applicant’s status it is absolutely necessary to retain the confirmation number that the registration program gave you upon completion of the registration package.

Lost confirmation numbers cannot be replaced and are unique. Applicants are not allowed to register for the Green Card Lottery twice (even to try to get another confirmation number) and the Department of State will reject both applications.

Applicants who are accepted in the lottery are then given the opportunity to apply for an adjustment of status. This includes filing for a Green Card (Permanent Resident Card).

Permanent Residency entitles an immigrant to live, work, study and travel throughout the United States indefinitely as long as the Green Card holder maintains certain eligibility requirements.

Immigrants interested in entering the Green Card Lottery unfortunately cannot apply for the 2014 Diversity Visa, however they will have their chance to apply for the 2015 Diversity Visa in October of 2013. Application in one year does not mean that the application will be preserved for the next year. If you would like to enter again, you will have to apply again.

After winning the Green Card Lottery, you will be contacted by the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) to begin your adjustment of status process.

Immigrants who wish to apply for the Green Card Lottery must meet two rather simple, but very strict requirements:

  • Origin. Applicants must be able to claim an accepted country of origin. The State Department releases a list every year in May with accepted countries. An immigrant can claim a country if they are a citizen of that country, if one of their parents was or is a resident of that country or if their spouse is of that country.
  • Education. There is a minimum education requirement to enter in the Green Card Lottery. Applicants must be able to show that they graduated with the equivalent of a high school diploma or have worked in an accepted trade (that took two years to train for) for at least two years.

The Diversity Visa Program is a congressionally mandated program designed to expand the scope of diversity in the United States immigration system. Typically, the vast majority of immigrants who apply for Permanent Residency come from a few countries. This program is designed to allow countries that do not often send immigrants to the United States a chance to immigrate as well.

While approximately 100,000 people are selected as winners in the lottery, only 50,000 will eventually get their Green Cards. The others will have been disqualified somehow, or the number of visas will have run out. There is no limit on how many years one can apply for the Green Card Lottery.