DV-2014: Places You Can Live with a Green card!

Permanent residents of the United States are allowed to travel anywhere they choose within its historic borders and there are a lot of places to choose from! The United States is a vast places characterized not by just one landscape or even a few, but by a veritable plethora of ecologies. Before you win the Green Card Lottery you should put some thought into where you would like to live.

On the west coast there is a great amount of geographic diversity. Most of the actual coast of California is characterized as having a Mediterranean climate meaning that it is very similar to the climate of places like southern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea. The temperature is moderate most of the year and is perfect for going to the beach. Other places in southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah have a desert climate and this is the part of the United States that is home to the Mojave Desert and is where the hottest temperature recorded on Earth was measured.

In the Pacific Northwest the temperature is a bit cooler, but still fairly moderate and is the home of very large and expansive forests. The western portions of Washington and Oregon are known for the large amounts of rain they experience year-round.

The western mountain chains of the United States, the Sierra Nevada and the Rockies, are farther east and are the home to a great variety of beautiful national parks and unique geologic structures. Colorado is known for being the home of the Rocky Mountains and skiing is very popular there.

Moving farther east one begins to move into the Plains states which are the home to seemingly infinite fields called prairies. Often Americans are reminded of the pioneer days of the United States when massive quantities of newly immigrated Americans made their homes here.

The Midwest, located to the south and west of the Great Lakes are extremely fertile lands and are huge agricultural centers, however, they also contain some of the largest cities in the United States such as Chicago, Illinois, and Cleveland, Ohio. The Great Lakes themselves are impressive features and are some of the largest fresh-water lakes in the world. This whole region, the Great Lakes and the Midwest are the result of an ancient glacier coming to rest in this area and melting depositing all of the extremely fertile soil and fresh water.

The Northeast section of the country, termed New England, is a bit cooler, but also the place of incredible displays of nature especially how the leaves change color from green to red in autumn. South of New England are the mid-Atlantic states where some of the largest and most powerful cities in the country and the world are to be found. New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. are all here.

South of the Mason-Dixon Line (the historic division between the northern and southern states) and stretching all the way west to Texas is the American South. The home of one of the most distinctive and memorable American accents it is the place of “Southern Hospitality.”

This is really only a paltry representation of the grandeur and beauty of the United States and you should look into these areas through many of the lovely books offered regarding America. Feel free to imagine yourself enjoying the sights with your permanent residence you obtained through the Green Card Lottery!