DV-2013 Green Card Lottery Winners

Through the DV – 2013 Green Card lottery program, 105,628 applicants have been selected. These selectees are called for further visa processing. Not all the selectees will receive an immigrant visa to enter the United States. Only half the number of the selected applicants will qualify for a visa to immigrate permanently to America as only 50, 000 immigrant visas are made available through this the DV lottery program.

The highest number of winners of the DV – 2013 are from Ukraine, with 6,424 winners. The other top 8 winning countries apart from Ukraine are, Nigeria (6,218), Iran (6,029), Ghana (5,105), Uzbekistan (5,101), Egypt (5,015), Ethiopia (4,910), Kenya (4,410) and Nepal (4,370).

Following these countries, the next ten countries with high number of winners are, Democratic Republic Of The Congo (3,924), Cameroon (3,858), Russia (2,846), Sierra Leone (2,516), Algeria (2,161), Morocco (2,068), Poland (2038), Liberia (1,916), Turkey (1,807) and Albania (1,520).

The chances of winning the DV lottery varies because the US State Department assigns available visas on the basis of the number of people immigrating to the United States from the different countries. More number of visas are allotted to countries from where less number of people had immigrated to the United States. This is done to diversify the American population. The number of immigrant visas that are made available through the Green Card lottery to all the eligible countries is not the same. The countries are allotted immigrant visas according to the immigration rate which varies from country to country. The number of people applying for immigrant visas from the different eligible countries is not the same. Hence, the chances of winning the lottery is also based on the number of applicants. Lesser number of applicants, increases the chances of winning the DV lottery.

Your country of birth is also considered. If you belong to a country with the highest odds of winning the lottery, you may be one of the lucky winners to win the DV lottery. However, you cannot change the place of your birth but there are rare cases where you have an option to choose the birth place of your parents. If that country has been allotted more number of immigrant visas then you may be more likely to win the lottery.

The successful entrants of the DV-2013 Green Card lottery must check their status using the entrant status check, as they will not receive any notification through mail or e-mail regarding winning the lottery. They can get to know about the interview process and other procedures only through the entrant status check, using their application confirmation number.

The winners are the selectees who are eligible to get a visa by satisfying the eligibility requirements such as education and work experience. The minimum requirement in terms of education is high school graduation or its equivalent. If not, two years of work experience during the past five years in an occupation which involves at least two years training is mandatory to qualify for an immigrant visa.

The eligible winners of the DV-2013 Green Card lottery program will be notified about the interview process through the entrant status check. If the selectee is found to be eligible to immigrate to the United States by the consular officer, then an immigrant visa will be granted.