Don’t Become a Victim of the New Green Card Lottery Scam

Green Card Lottery ScamThe Green Card lottery program which makes available 50,000 immigrant visas every year, is administered by the US Department of State. It is no surprise that the entrants of the DV lottery frequently encounter a lot of Green Card lottery scams. Many fraudsters try to defraud the people and extract money from them. They call the people from different numbers and say that they have won the DV lottery. Similarly, they send fake e-mails and letters attempting to get money from the consumers. People at times fall for such scams as they are not aware of the Green Card lottery procedures.

Recently, a new telephone scam method has been adopted by the scammers. This telephone scam has come up internationally. Scammers contact the people and try to catch the people who had entered the DV lottery by cold-calling them. The fraudsters just call the people and say that they have won the lottery and ask them to pay some amount of money. They even call people who had not participated in the lottery program. They call randomly and catch people who are entrants of the DV lottery program.

They call the consumers from various numbers and try to defraud them. The caller somehow tries to convince the consumers saying that they have won the Green Card lottery. They call the people after the results of the lottery are published. That is the peak time when they can defraud the consumers and extract money. Tellows, which is an international website, is working to protect the consumers from the so-called telephone scam. It allows every individual to report scam and they warn the consumers and prevent the people from becoming victims of the latest Green Card lottery scam. Many other websites similar to Tellows also provide consumer protection.

It is wise to be aware of the Green Card lottery procedures to recognize telephone scam. The US government keeps warning the people every now and then regarding scammers who send fake e-mails and who pose like official government persons. Entrants of the Green Card lottery program must understand the fact that the US Department of State does not contact the winners through mails or e-mails. The winners can know about their status only through the entrant status check on the E-DV website. Fake e-mails sent by fraudsters require the consumers to pay money in order to get the details about their application status and they also try to get their bank details. They blindly call the consumers saying they have won the lottery and ask them to pay money for further processing.

The anti-spam website, Tellows provides online help which is an effective method which may be used by most internet users as they may be able to look up unknown numbers and safeguard themselves from fraudsters. The US Department of State advises the entrants and the winners not to pay anyone who calls or sends e-mails. Winners must be aware of the method of fee payment. The US Department of State does not require the eligible winners to pay the DV fees by money order or wire transfer. The Diversity Visa fee for the application process must be paid at the time of your interview, to a US Embassy cashier.