Diversity Visa Lottery

In the past couple of weeks I’ve heard some people getting terribly confused about what the Diversity Visa is and the difference between it and the Green Card Lottery. Really there is no difference whatsoever. The Green Card Lottery and the Diversity Visa Lottery are one and the same. So signing up for the Diversity Visa Lottery with USAGreenCardLottery.org is just as easy, and in fact, no different than signing up with the Green Card Lottery.

This program, which is administered by the United States State Department, is mandated by the United States Congress. They decided that about 50,000 permanent residency visas should be distributed to people from countries that don’t usually send very many immigrants to America to promote diversity. Diversity means many different sorts and kinds.

People who are granted these Diversity Visas are allowed to go to the United States to live, work or study on a more or less indefinite basis. After a certain number of years as a permanent resident you can also request citizenship through the USCIS. The advantages of getting a green card are great and it is highly coveted which makes it somewhat difficult to get considering that the United States sets limits to how many permanent resident cards can be issued per year.

If you want to get a green card through the Lottery you should consider using USAGreenCardLottery.org to make sure that your application is properly filled out when it is filed. This is important because the State Department is full of sticklers who will reject your application if there is but a very small error on it. The color of the wall in the background of your application photo is just one reason for why they might throw your application out. No one needs that headache.

Here at USAGreenCardLottery.org we are very familiar with this application process and we can guarantee you that your form will be completed properly. So you can take your mind off of that!

An advantage of the Diversity Visa Lottery is the relatively easy requirements that the State Department has for potential application entries. One of which is that immigrants applying for the lottery must be from a region of the world that does not send many immigrants to the United States. The list of eligible countries is quite long and we will include a list of them in an adjacent blog post which you can find here.

The other requirement that lottery applicants must meet in order to be considered is one that pertains to education. Really, most jobs available in the United States require at least a high school degree. For that reason the State Department requires that applicant immigrants have high school educations. The sole exception to this rule is if you have held a job (which required two years of training) for two years. That kind of job experience is considered its own kind of education.

So sign up for the Diversity Visa Lottery with USAGreenCardLottery.org today and get on track to living in the United States on a permanent basis. We’ll be happy to have you!