American Citizen Forms

Applying for citizenship in the United States requires you to file a variety of forms depending on how you will be applying for citizenship. Below, we have listed some of the forms that you may need to become a full citizenship of the United States of America.

Permanent Residency

When applying for United States citizenship you will need to have proof of permanent residency. For this requirement you will need to submit a copy of your Green Card. To apply for a Green Card you will need to follow one of the pathways to permanent residency available through the USCIS.

Form I-90

If you have lost your Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) you will need to include a copy of the receipt of your Form I-90. This application is the request for a replacement Green Card.

This form can be submitted online or by mailing the application package and all supporting documentation to the Phoenix, Arizona drop box.

Depending upon the status of your Green Card and the condition it is in the fees vary, but there are no circumstances where the fees should exceed $450 to replace the card. To submit the form you must pay $365 as well as an $85 biometric service fee.

Form N-400

Form N-400 is the Application for Naturalization and is the general form for permanent residents to use to apply for citizenship.

This form should only be filed after you have made sure that you qualify for citizenship in the US. This includes permanent residency, continuous residency, and competency in the English language and confidence in your knowledge of US civics.

The application costs $595 plus an $85 fee for biometric services if necessary. The fee must be included in the application package and may be a personal check, cashier’s check or money order only. Improperly filed applications will be returned without a fee refund.

Form N-600

Form N-600 is used by certain people who may already be citizens, but do not necessarily have proof to this effect. This can include those who were born in a foreign country to United States citizens or adopted children of United States citizens.

Regardless of where you may reside currently you will be required to send the application into the Phoenix, Arizona lockbox.

The associated fee that needs to be filed with this application is $600, however, in the case of adopted children only $550 need be submitted.

Form M-599

Form M-599 is not so much an application as a guide to how to become naturalized through the United States military.

Children, spouses and other relatives can look into becoming a citizen with this form. Members of the military who are currently only Green Card holders can also learn more about naturalizing through the military with this form.

This guide is free and is available on the USCIS website as well as the armed forces websites.

Form G-28

If you are using an attorney to file for citizenship on your behalf you will need to submit a completed Form G-28. This form must be an original, not a copy.