About US

Who we are

USAGCL is dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams of immigrating to the United States. From customer service representatives to engineers, photo validation experts to management, we are committed to providing a service we believe in and that truly helps people.


To the very last minute of the Green Card Lottery registration season, we're on the phones helping people get their applications in on time.

Let us help you
achieve your dreams today!

What we do

E-file in 15 minutes

File quickly and easily using USAGCL. Move on to the rest of your day after 15 short minutes.

Set it and forget it

Your application will be automatically saved and submitted for you during the annual lottery submission period. This means that you can apply any time of year, not just during October.

Professional photo review

Your photos will be personally checked by an in-office photo review expert to ensure they meet the strict government guidelines.
Bad photos are the number 1 reason for rejected applications in the Green Card Lottery.

Lifetime Plan

With our Lifetime Plan, we will automatically re-submit your application every year until you win. On average, our lifetime customers typically win in their second year of submission.

Double your chances of winning

Married couples can claim one another as dependents on their Green Card Lottery applications. This means that they can effectively double their chances of winning the lottery, an advantage they have over many other applicants.


Our mission

Since 2009 we have been helping people win their Green Cards through the Diversity Visa Lottery.

We believe that everyone who wants to participate in this great government program should have the best chances of winning and shouldn't be automatically disqualified because of bad photos or missing information.

We will keep helping people win Green Cards until the Green Card Lottery ends, an event we hope will never happen.