Diversity Visa 2012: Application and Confirmation Numbers

When filing for entry into the Green Card Lottery it is of utmost importance to make sure you do not lose your confirmation number. When you use USAGreenCardLottery.org you can rest assured that your number will be saved and you won’t have to worry about losing it because we will always have a copy. This does not necessarily mean that you should ignore this crucial bit of information and simply throw it away, rather, our service helps you feel at ease in case you encounter a spot of bad luck.

The Green Card Lottery registration period only lasts for about one month every year. This year, applicants will be registering for the 2014 Diversity Visa program from October 2 to November 3. The winners of the lottery will be announced on May 1, 2013, and will then proceed to the green card application process. The Green Card Lottery is made available through the United States State Department and is free, but if you want to maximize your chances to win by eliminating potential errors or ensuring that your confirmation number will not be lost it would be a good idea to apply with USAGreenCardLottery.org.

Every year there are multitudes of applications that are rejected for one reason or another. Filing the application incorrectly will result in an instant rejection of your form. Sudden and unexpected computer break-downs are also a recurring process. If you’ve already applied and the State Department’s website has displayed your confirmation number and your computer suddenly shuts off you cannot apply again because any person who submits two applications will have both applications denied. In this case you will have to wait until next year.

These are reasons why it is a superior idea to apply for the Green Card Lottery through USAGreenCardLottery.org. File right the first time and set your mind at ease!

2 thoughts on “Diversity Visa 2012: Application and Confirmation Numbers

    Forwarded Message —–
    From: U.S. Green Card
    Sent: Sunday, 23 December 2012, 15:50
    Subject: The Official U.S Green Card Notification Letter : MUHAMMAD TOUSEEF KHAN

    The Official U.S Green Card Lottery Program
    United States Department of State, National Visa Center

    Case Number: [Case Number redacted for Privacy. -Editor]
    Preferences Categories: DV DIVERSITY

    We wish to notify you that you are among the selected lucky winners of the U.S visa lottery …

    [Editor’s note: The letter continues on for about 5 pages, but the rest has been redacted to protect the privacy of the individual. The gist of the letter is that they are notifying Mr. Khan that he has won the Green Card Lottery and that he needs to pay them immediately. The important thing to remember is that the State Department NEVER contacts winners of the Green Card Lottery.]

    • Unfortunately, this is a fraudulent letter. The United States Government does NOT email winners of the Green Card Lottery.
      Whoever sent you this letter is attempting to defraud you.
      In May, when the drawing will actually take place you should go to the State Department’s Diversity Visa web page and use your confirmation number to check your status.
      Don’t send any money to the people who sent you this letter!

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