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Green Card Lottery Education Requirements

Monday, June 10th, 2013

The Green Card Lottery (otherwise known as the Diversity Visa Lottery) is well-known for its limited number of entry requirements and its equal opportunity stance regarding immigration to the United States.

For this reason, many people who want to enter the United States, but don’t have relatives or an employer in the US, use the lottery to gain permission to enter the country and live there legally.

Approximately 50,000 visas are granted every year, but over 12 million people apply for the lottery annually.

Each visas category has a trade-off, just as the Green Card Lottery is quite easy to enter into and to qualify for, the chances for winning are modest at best. However, the trade-off for a family based visa is that in exchange for near certainty of a visa, an applicant may have to wait for up to a decade to get their visa.

Country of Origin Requirement

Since the whole point of the Green Card Lottery is to increase the diversity within immigration numbers to the United States, the Department of State must find some way to separate out those who have the best chances to immigrate to the United States.

Certain countries from all around the world are selected to be excluded from the lottery to better give others a chance at immigration. This list of countries is effectively a list of countries which send a large number of immigrants to the United States year after year.

The reason why more people emigrate from these places than others may be because:

  1. The people from these countries have desirable skills that American employers happen to want or need.
  2. So many people have emigrated from this country already that it is either easy or convenient for their already emigrated counterparts to sponsor the immigration of their remaining family members.

The State Department also puts statistical restrictions on regions so that one region does not receive more winners than another.

Education Requirement

Applicants can fulfill the education requirement in one of two ways, either by formal education or through occupational education.

If you have graduated from a typical four year high school type program, you can most likely show your diploma or graduation documentation to fulfill this requirement.

People who have two years of experience in a job which took two years to train for can also use that job to show that they have sufficient education.

The whole point of this requirement is to show the United States government that you have the capacity to get a job and take care of yourself when you enter the United States. The government does not condone the entry of immigrants to the United States to only become wards of the state, or people who are dependent on the benefits of the government.

As a result, there are certain occupations which are acceptable for the above exception to formal education. Find out if your profession is accepted here.

Preparation for Green Card Lottery

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Why enter the Green Card Lottery?

The Green Card Lottery is an immigration program made available through the United States government and two of its departments: the USCIS and the DoS. The USCIS is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and handles immigration applications within the United States. The DoS is the Department of State which is responsible for the application and creation of foreign policy for the United States.

Applicants for the Green Card Lottery will be primarily working with the Department of State because they are applying from without the United States.

But why bother getting a Green Card?

Having a Green Card means that you can legally live and work in the United States. There aren’t any other documents that let you do that in the United States. Also, Green Card holders can eventually apply for US citizenship and even further solidify their status as members of the United States.


There are three main things you should know about the registration process for the Green Card Lottery:

  1. You can only apply during the designated registration period.
  2. You must apply for registration online.
  3. Registration does not necessarily mean that you will win.

The registration period is typically from the beginning of October to early November every year. Applications are not accepted outside of this period of time, so it’s important to make sure you apply on time. Keep in mind that the name of the Green Card Lottery includes the year in which the Green Cards will be distributed, so if you apply for a green card in the registration period in 2013, the lottery will be called the 2015 Green Card lottery.

The State Department maintains a website to accept applications online. You absolutely must use this service as the State Department does not accept any paper applications.

Registration is of course only the first part of the Green Card Lottery process. There are only 55,000 visas to be distributed and over ten million people apply every year. Not everyone who applies will get a Green Card, but there are some things you can do to make sure you have the best chance to win.


Preparing for applying for the Green Card Lottery is important because it ensures that you have the best chance of winning a visa. Poor preparation may lead to your application being automatically rejected.

One of the most important things to do for preparation is the creation of your application photo. The guidelines are extremely strict and you should give yourself plenty of time to create yours properly.

Could this be the last year?

Currently, immigration reform is a very popular subject in American political discourse and part of that discussion addresses the possibility of ending the Green Card Lottery.

Some members of congress see the Green Card Lottery as being a pointless immigration program that distributes Green Cards for no reason. These congress-people believe that all Green Cards should be issued based on merit.

It is important to note, however, that no legislation has been passed yet and it is quite possible that the Green Card Lottery may have a chance at continuing if congress does not come up with an immigration reform bill by the end of the year.

Green Card Lottery Free Information

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Free information about the Green Card Lottery can be found very easily, particularly on this website!

We’ve been busy putting together articles to help you immigrate using the State Department’s Diversity Visa Program. You can find our top ten articles written about the program here, free of charge.

People tend to have a lot of very similar questions regarding the Green Card Lottery and that is why we put together the Green Card Lottery FAQs. Find answers to questions like “Can someone else file on my behalf?” “How are successful applicants selected?” or “Can persons already in the US apply for the program?”

How does one even know if one has won the Green Card Lottery? The answer, in short is the Green Card Lottery Entrant Status Check. For a more detailed explanation click to see the article!

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Sometimes the questions can be as simple as what is a visa? Here we describe the primary differences between immigrant and non-immigrant visas, which is very important to know when you are applying for immigration benefits.

After you’ve won the Green Card Lottery what do you do next? Winning the Green Card Lottery is only the start of your path to the United States. Learn more about applying for your visa here!

Need to know more about what you need to do to be a citizen? Find out who should take the citizenship test and plan out your immigration future!

Understanding the rights afforded to you as a resident in the United States is an important part of immigration. In the United States the Bill of Rights outlines the basic rights of all residents in the country.

When you decide that you want to immigrate to the US you can be sure that is there for you.

Check Your Green Card Lottery Status!

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

On May 1, 2013 at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time, the United States Department of State officially opened the electronic-diversity visa website for DV-2014.

Applicants who registered between October 2, 2012 and November 3, 2012 for the Green Card Lottery (also known as the Diversity Visa Lottery) can now check whether they have won the initial drawing or not through the E-DV official website.

The statistical results of the lottery drawing are expected to be released sometime in the coming months. However, statistics for previous years are already available.

Entrants in the DV-2014 will be allowed to use the entrant status check until September 30, 2014.

Entrants in the Green Card Lottery 2013 will only have until September 30, 2013 to check their status at the State Department’s website.

To check one’s status through the US Department of State’s Electronic Diversity Visa Entrant Status Check system one must enter their complete confirmation code on the correctly corresponding page. The name associated with that diversity visa registration code must also be correctly spelled and correspond to the name of the registration form.

During the summer months (June, July and August in the Northern Hemisphere) the State Department will send visa applications through the mail to winning Green Card Lottery registrants.

Winners who receive these packages are to file the forms properly and mail them back to the Kentucky Consular Center.

Winning the Green Card Lottery does not necessarily mean that one will be granted a green card. Instead, it means they are granted the chance to apply for immigration to the United States without first having to obtain an immigration sponsor. Finding an immigration sponsor is often the most cumbersome step in immigrating to the United States.

Approximately 100,000 winners of the lottery are selected, but only about 50,000 will actually receive green cards. The other half of the initial winners will encounter difficulty when they apply for their visa with the KCC, or their applications may turn out to be fraudulent.

Applicants who win the initial drawing and are able to submit a proper immigration visa package can expect an interview followed by the issuance of a visa for the following year, 2014. Hence the name of the specific lottery, DV-2014, the year of the visa issuance is the year in the name.

Information for the next Diversity Visa Lottery will be released soon as the program is expected to continue and register applicants in fall of 2013. The next Green Card Lottery will be called DV-2015 because the visas will be issued in 2015.

Information that potential immigrants should be looking out for in the coming months are things like lists of eligible countries, the start and end date of the registration period for 2013 and any news regarding immigration reform.

Immigration reform is a very hot topic in American politics nowadays and can have a very serious impact on the Green Card Lottery. If the currently proposed legislation makes it out of the Senate and through the House of Representatives, this may be the very last year for the Diversity Visa Lottery!

Diversity Visa Rules for 2014

Monday, April 29th, 2013

The Diversity Visa is an annual immigration program which allows people from countries that usually do not supply immigrants to the United States the chance to immigrate.

This program is often called the Green Card Lottery and there are many different rules that should be paid attention to when applying to make sure that applicants have the best chance at winning the lottery.

The Green Card Lottery from 2012 is called DV-2014 (the name of the lottery contains the year in which the green cards will be issued instead of the year in which the registration period or the lottery drawing takes place). The lottery registration period for the year 2013 is called DV-2015.

Rule #1

You must have applied in October or November in 2012 in order to be in the running for the 2014 Green Card Lottery. The registration period for the Diversity Visa is a very important part of entry into the program and late registration is not accepted.

Rule #2

You must be eligible to enter into the Green Card Lottery. There are two general eligibility requirements for entry into the program:

  • Applicants must have either a high school education (or its regional equivalent, provided it meets the United States’ standards) or two years of training in a profession that they have worked for at least two years.
  • Applicants must be from one of the eligible countries for the Green Card Lottery. The list of ineligible countries in the 2014 lottery can be found on the official Diversity Visa website. If an applicant is from an ineligible country they can claim the country-of-origin of one of their parents or their spouse on their registration application.

Rule #3

Applicants must be 18 years old or older when they register for the lottery. However, dependents of registrants do not necessarily have to be 18 years old.

Rule #4

Registrants must retain their confirmation numbers which they receive at the end of online registration. Without this number there is no way to tell whether or not they have won.

Rule #5

Potential immigrants must apply for the lottery online. Mail-in applications are no longer accepted by the US State Department.

Rule #6

All of the dependents of an applicant must be listed on the registration form. Even if these people will not be immigrating with the principal applicant, they must be listed. Dependents include children and the principal applicant’s spouse. Parents are not considered to be dependents on this form.

Rule #7

Applicants must be extremely careful to file their registration correctly.

  • All information on the application must be correct and true,
  • Photographs must conform to the Department of State’s requirements, and
  • Applicants cannot file more than one registration application.

The registration application will be rejected if any of the above sub-rules are not followed.

Rule #8

In order to immigrate, winners of the Green Card Lottery must be able to meet the same rigor and requirements demanded of all other immigrant classifications. This includes passing a criminal background check and a health screening. Only after they have successfully completed this process will they be granted green cards.

Green Card Lottery Winner Announcement

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

The US State Department is expected to announce the winners for its yearly Diversity Visa Lottery Program on Wednesday May 1, 2013.

Immigrants who registered for the Green Card Lottery (As the Diversity Visa is also known) in October or November of 2012 will find out if they will have a chance to immigrate to the United States on the first day of May.

Winning the Green Card Lottery is not a guarantee for an immigration visa to the United States, but rather the opportunity to apply for immigration aside from the family or employment pathways.


If you registered for the Green Card Lottery last year during the registration period you can check if you have won the lottery at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time on May 1, 2013 on the official Diversity Visa Lottery site.

When checking your status, it is important to have the confirmation number available from your registration last year. The registration number was displayed upon completion of the Diversity Visa registration application.

Entrants who were selected in the Green Card Lottery will be notified by the Kentucky Consular Center in the months following the announcement date. When selectees receive their application packages they should follow the instructions included to apply for their registration as a permanent resident.


Registration for the Green Card Lottery typically takes place in either October or November. Paper registration is no longer allowed in the Green Card Lottery and applicants must register online.

Registration is the first step to winning the Green Card Lottery. Applicants can expect to receive their green cards two years from application if they are selected. Hence, the name of the Diversity Visa is dated two years in advance from the year of registration. Applicants registering in 2012 will be registering for “DV-2014”.


There are only two requirements asked of applicants for qualification in the Green Card Lottery:

  • Education: Applicants must either have a high school diploma (or similar educational background) or two years of experience in a profession that took two years to train for.
  • Origin: Around the same time as the announcement of Diversity Visa winners, a list of ineligible countries is released. Applicants from these countries will be automatically disqualified. However, even if you are from one of the countries on this list, you may be able to apply by claiming the country-of-origin of one of your parents or your spouse.

Last Year?

Since the beginning of 2013, and arguably since the heated presidential race last year, immigration reform has experienced a lot of attention in the United States Congress.

Both houses have proposed a variety of immigration reform bills that may dramatically change the characteristics of United States immigration if passed. Some of these bills have received bipartisan support and are therefore considered more likely to be passed by analysts.

One common characteristic of these different pieces of legislation is that they tend to suggest ending the Green Card Lottery in favor of other immigration programs and reforms.

As a result of this confluence of political action, this may be the very last year to register for the Diversity Visa Lottery Program. The registration period planned to take place this year in October or November should still occur and it is suggested that immigrants who do not win DV-2014 apply for DV-2015 then.

How to Apply for the American Green Card Lottery

Monday, March 18th, 2013

If you are looking to apply for the Green Card Lottery you only need to follow some rather simple steps. First, find out if you are eligible or not, then register for the Green Card Lottery. Third, keep an eye on the State Department’s website, then, lastly, you will apply for your very own green card.


One of the benefits of the Green Card Lottery program is that it has very few requirements to meet in order to enter the running. Although there aren’t many requirements, they are quite strict and must be met in order to eventually qualify for a Green Card.

The first requirement is that the immigrant must be from an accepted country of origin. Most countries in the world are accepted countries of origin, but every year in May the State Department releases a list of countries that are not accepted. They have been rejected because they send too many immigrants to the United States already, thereby contradicting the spirit of the Green Card Lottery.

If you happen to be from a country that has been rejected you can also claim the country of origin of either your spouse or parent.

The second eligibility requirement is that the potential immigrant must either have the equivalent of a high school (secondary school) education or two years of experience in a profession that took two years of training.

Registering for the Green Card Lottery

After you have determined that you are eligible to enter the Green Card Lottery you can register.

Unfortunately, the registration period for the Green Card Lottery only occurs for about a one month period in October and November. However, with you can register at any time of the year and we will submit the application as soon as the registration period begins.

The form is quite short and simple and should not take very much time to fill out. Keep in mind that you will have to list all of your immediate family members (spouse and minor children) to make sure that they can come with you to the United States.

State Department Announcements

When you complete the registration process you will be presented with a confirmation number. This number is incredibly important because it is the identifier that links you to your application. Keep this number safe because if it is lost it cannot be recovered.

Some people believe that by simply re-applying for the same lottery they can get their confirmation number back, but that is not allowed. Immigrants are only allowed to have one application per lottery season. Duplicate applications will result in the rejection of both forms.

Be sure that you fill out the application correctly the first time.

The State Department chooses the winners of the Green Card Lottery on May 1 of the year following the registration period.

Apply for the Green Card

After you have checked with the State Department’s website to see if you have won the Green Card Lottery the next step is to contact the suggested agency and begin the process of actually getting a visa to come to the United States.

Green Card Lottery 2015

Monday, March 11th, 2013

The Diversity Visa Lottery 2015 will begin its registration period this year and winners of this particular drawing will be able to get their green cards as soon as 2015. This is a significantly shorter period of time for getting a green card than other pathways to permanent residency.


Eligibility for the Green Card Lottery does not change much from year to year however, there will be some modifications that will inevitably take effect.

In May of this year, 2013, the State Department will announce which countries will be ineligible for the Green Card Lottery this year. The countries are chosen based on the previous five years of immigration numbers. Countries that send large numbers of immigrants to the United States will be put on the list.

Most of the time participants would claim the country of their citizenship, but it is also possible for potential immigrants to claim the countries of origin of either their parents or spouses.

The education requirements will not change from year to year. Registrants will need to have either a high school level education or two years of experience in a job that required two years of training.


The State Department will not announce when the registration period will be for the DV-2015, but it is on a relatively predictable schedule and can be expected to occur sometime in October or November.

Registration is not the application for the green card, but rather the application to be included in the lottery drawing.

While the registration period is only open for about a month out of the year, with anyone can apply any time of the year and we will ensure that the application is entered as soon as the registration period opens.

When the registration application is finished, applicants will be presented with a confirmation number. This number is extremely important and should be kept safe. It is suggested that registrants keep it with their other valuables.

Though it may be tempting to apply for the Green Card Lottery twice in an effort to double one’s chances, it is incredibly important that one does not do so. Any duplicate applications will be thrown out by the State Department reducing one’s chances to 0%.

Green Card Application

In May of the year following the registration period (likely to be May 1, 2014 for Diversity Visa 2015) registrants will be able to check their Green Card Lottery status online.

This is accomplished by the registrant logging onto the State Department’s Green Card Lottery website and entering their confirmation number into the designated field. The website will then return an answer for whether or not the applicant has won the Green Card Lottery.

If they have, they will then begin the process of applying for a permanent resident card in the United States. With this document immigrants have the right to live, work, study and travel in the United States indefinitely. They will also have the opportunity to become a citizen after a period of time.

DV Lottery 2014 Results and Procedures

Monday, February 25th, 2013

DV Lottery Winners to Be Announced

The Green Card Lottery, also referred to as the Diversity Visa Lottery 2014, accepted eligible registration applicants between October 2, 2012 and November 3, 2012.

Immigrants who are not eligible for other classes of immigration in the United States often use this program to go to the United States.

The results for the lottery itself will be released on May 1, 2013 on the State Department’s online diversity visa page. In order to check an applicant’s status it is absolutely necessary to retain the confirmation number that the registration program gave you upon completion of the registration package.

Lost confirmation numbers cannot be replaced and are unique. Applicants are not allowed to register for the Green Card Lottery twice (even to try to get another confirmation number) and the Department of State will reject both applications.

Applicants who are accepted in the lottery are then given the opportunity to apply for an adjustment of status. This includes filing for a Green Card (Permanent Resident Card).

Permanent Residency entitles an immigrant to live, work, study and travel throughout the United States indefinitely as long as the Green Card holder maintains certain eligibility requirements.

Immigrants interested in entering the Green Card Lottery unfortunately cannot apply for the 2014 Diversity Visa, however they will have their chance to apply for the 2015 Diversity Visa in October of 2013. Application in one year does not mean that the application will be preserved for the next year. If you would like to enter again, you will have to apply again.

After winning the Green Card Lottery, you will be contacted by the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) to begin your adjustment of status process.

Immigrants who wish to apply for the Green Card Lottery must meet two rather simple, but very strict requirements:

  • Origin. Applicants must be able to claim an accepted country of origin. The State Department releases a list every year in May with accepted countries. An immigrant can claim a country if they are a citizen of that country, if one of their parents was or is a resident of that country or if their spouse is of that country.
  • Education. There is a minimum education requirement to enter in the Green Card Lottery. Applicants must be able to show that they graduated with the equivalent of a high school diploma or have worked in an accepted trade (that took two years to train for) for at least two years.

The Diversity Visa Program is a congressionally mandated program designed to expand the scope of diversity in the United States immigration system. Typically, the vast majority of immigrants who apply for Permanent Residency come from a few countries. This program is designed to allow countries that do not often send immigrants to the United States a chance to immigrate as well.

While approximately 100,000 people are selected as winners in the lottery, only 50,000 will eventually get their Green Cards. The others will have been disqualified somehow, or the number of visas will have run out. There is no limit on how many years one can apply for the Green Card Lottery.

When Do the Green Card Lottery Results Come out?

Monday, January 28th, 2013

The results for the Green Card Lottery come out approximately six months after the registration period ends in late October or early November.

Most folks have to wait until October to even enter in the Lottery, but with you can store your information any time of the year and the moment that the Lottery opens we’ll enter you and retain your confirmation number.

Lottery application

The confirmation number is one of the most important things about the Green Card Lottery. Without it, there would be no way to check if you had won the Lottery or not, re-entering to receive a second confirmation number will likely result in your disqualification from the Lottery.

May 1 is an important day in the Green Card Lottery calendar because so many important things occur.

  • The results for the Green Card Lottery become available and you can check if you won or not by going online and using your confirmation number in the State Department’s system.
  • The Eligible countries for the next Lottery are released. These countries are selected based on immigration data gathered over the previous years. Countries that send large amounts of immigrants to the United States are normally excluded from the Lottery.
  • The start of the next registration period will be announced. Most people have to prepare their information for this period, but customers with can apply at any time.

Applying for Permanent Residency

Winning the Lottery, while very important, is only the first part of the process of getting a Green Card.

Really, when you win the Green Card Lottery, you are given the opportunity to apply for a Green Card. This is normally a very difficult step in the process for most immigrants.

Most often, immigrants must prove that they

  • Have a job waiting for them in the United States
  • Family members who can support them once in America
  • or that they are so persecuted in their home country they must flee to the United States.

For those who don’t meet the above conditions, the Green Card Lottery offers yet another way to immigrate into the United States.

The Lottery, also known as the Diversity Visa Lottery, has very few requirements for entry. The actual Green Card application is much more difficult, but the lottery itself only requires two things.

  • Applicants must have at least a high school education. You could also meet this requirement by having two years of experience in a job that took two years of training to learn.
  • Applicants must also be from one of the eligible countries on the list released in May. Generally this means the country that you were born in, but you can also apply with the country where your spouse was born or one of your parents’ countries of origin.

Be sure to check back to our site for more news about the next Green Card Lottery, DV-2015, coming soon!

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