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Important Notice Regarding the 2012 Diversity Lottery Program

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Per the Department of State, due to a computer programming problem, the results of the 2012 Diversity Lottery that were previously posted on their website stands voided. They have mentioned that the results are not valid and were posted in error. The reason for being void is because they did not represent a fair, random selection of entrants, as required by US law.

Applicants who checked the website for the results during the first week in May and found that they have been selected for further processing or that they have not been selected, note that that notice has been rescinded and is no longer valid.

The Department of State websites also mentions that a new selection process will be conducted based on the original entries for the 2012 DV lottery program.

Applicants who submitted a qualified entry from October 5, 2010 to November 3, 2010, can be assured that it is still valid and will be included in the new selection lottery. You can still use the same confirmation number to check results on the website.

The results of the new selection process this expected to be available on the Department of State website on or around July 15, 2011.

Per US law, Diversity Immigrant visas should be made available through a strictly random process. Due to a computer programming error, the selection was not truly random. As the computer programming error resulted in the selection that was not random, it did not meet the requirements of the law, and would not have been fair to many DV applicants.

The website also says that the computer programming error has been identified and corrected and that they will run a new selection using all the qualified entries (ones received between October 5, 2010 and November 3, 2010) it received for the 2012 program. Applicants are also requested NOT to submit new entries

The website also assures that personal information of the applicants is not at risk and that they have no evidence that this problem was caused by any intentional act. No unauthorized party accessed data related to the diversity lottery program and that it appears to be solely the result of a computer programming error.

Completing The Green Card Lottery Application

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

To be eligible to file a green card lottery application, you should have at least a high school education or its equivalent or have two years of work experience in an occupation that needs at least two years training or experience. The Department of State only accepts completed Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Forms submitted electronically at their official website during the stipulated registration period

In your green card lottery application, you should list details about yourself, your spouse and all unmarried children under 21 years of age (with the exception of children who are already U.S. citizens or green card holders). You have to list details about your spouse even if you are currently separated from him/her, unless you are legally separated. If you are legally divorced, you need not list your former spouse.

You should list details of all your children (who are unmarried and under 21 years of age), whether they are your natural children, your spouse’s children, or children you adopted in accordance with the laws of your country, unless that child is already a U.S. citizen or a green card holder. Additionally, you have to list all children under 21 years of age even if they do not reside with you or you do not wish for them to immigrate through the DV lottery program.

  • Entries will be disqualified if more than ONE entry for that individual is received, regardless of who submitted the entry.
  • The confirmation screen containing your name, date of birth, country, and a date/time stamp will be displayed if your entry was successfully registered. You can print this confirmation screen for your records
  • Paper entries are not accepted.
  • Applications will be disqualified if all required photographs are not submitted.
  • Recently taken photographs of the following people has to be submitted with the green card lottery application – you, your spouse and each unmarried child under 21 years of age
  • You need not submit a photo for a child who is already a U.S. citizen or a green card holder.
  • Family or group photographs are not accepted.

Signatures are not required on the application. The applicant can either be in the U.S. or abroad and the application can be submitted from the U.S. or from overseas.

Eligibility Requirements to File the Green Card Lottery Application

You cannot apply if your country of birth is not eligible. Your nationality does not make any difference while applying. You should be a native of an eligible country. A husband and wife can each submit one application if both meet the eligibility requirements individually. If one is selected, the other would be entitled to the derivative status.

You can prepare and submit your own entries, or have someone else submit the entry on your behalf. Whether the application is submitted by the individual directly or through an attorney, friend, relative, etc., only one application can be submitted in the name of each person.

You can check your application status at the official website. Note that you will NOT receive a notification letter from the U.S. Government. Entry Status Check is the only way through which DV lottery winners will be notified of their selection

Greencard Lottery – USCIS Warns About Fake Emails

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

The annually conducted greencard lottery, officially called the Diversity Visa Lottery, was established under the 1990 Immigration Act. This is to enable natives from certain countries to immigrate to the US, by a method other than the regular methods of immigration to the US. Through the Diversity Visa lottery program, 55,000 immigrant visas are issued every year to people who come from countries whose immigration percentage to the US is very less.

Fraudulent Emails and Letters :

The State Department (DOS) is the authority that conducts this greencard lottery program. Of late, there are many scammers who send fraudulent emails to the applicants telling them they have won the DV lottery. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) warns immigrants to beware of such scammers. The Department of State, Office of Visa Services, has cautioned the public of a size able increase in such fraudulent emails and letters sent to greencard lottery applicants. The persons who send such fraudulent emails and letters pose themselves to be the U.S. government and their intention is to extract money from the applicants. All applicants are further advised to be familiar with information about DV scams issued by the Federal Trade Commission.

All DV-2012 applicants should monitor the status of their case online. They will not receive any notification letter from the government. The status of their case can be checked at the Department of State website from July 1, 2010, until June 30, 2011. Additionally, applicants should refer to the additional fraud warning information and the frequently asked questions about fraud protection.

The U.S. Department of State will notify winners by only by mail for the DV 2011 for which persons had applied in 2009. The Department Of State will send the letter. If you do not receive a letter or the website does not identify you as a winner, it implies that you are not selected.

Why Green Card Lottery?

Friday, March 11th, 2011

The green card lottery (Diversity Visa lottery) is a program strictly for individuals coming from countries with low immigration rates to the US. Every year approximately 50,000 immigrant visas are made available through this DV lottery program. These visas are not available for people who come from countries that have sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the US during the past five years.

The U.S. Department of State conducts this lottery every year and winners are chosen randomly from all qualified applications. Applicants selected in this lottery will be given the opportunity to apply for permanent residence in the US. Once permanent residence is granted, the individual can live and work permanently in the US. In addition, the individual can also bring his/her spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21 to the US.

The Green Card Lottery Program – History

The green card lottery is a program by which a category of immigrants from under represented countries (low immigration rates) and those adversely effected by the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965 were to receive a special immigration benefit. In 1986, the US Congress tried to help recently disadvantaged immigrants, with an emphasis on persons from the Irish Isles, get some special way to immigrate and receive a US green card. The sponsors of the Legislation, (prominent Irish-American members of Congress among them) started this lottery program that would grant green cards to persons from under represented countries.

Few changes have been made since that initial program. The congressionally mandated DV lottery program or the green card lottery is administered annually by the U.S. Department of State and conducted under Section 203 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Section 131 of the Immigration Act, 1990 amended INA 203 to provide a new class of immigrants, called the“diversity immigrants”.

There is no minimum age requirement to participate in the program, but there is the requirement to complete high school or to have work experience. Thus, the program is designated for persons 18 year old or above.

Each year, the US State Department releases the list of countries that are not eligible to participate in the green card lottery program. Non-eligible countries are defined as those from which the US has received more than 50,000 immigrants in the past five years. The list changes every year.

Legally Married Couples Can Submit Two Applications

1. In one application, the husband is the primary applicant and his wife is listed in the “spouse” section.
2. In another application, the wife is the primary applicant and her husband is listed in the “spouse” section.

Couples submitting two applications have their chances doubled for being selected. To file a dual application, both the husband and the wife should each fulfill the eligibility requirements. They can also include their unmarried children (if any) under 21 years of age on both applications.

If you were born in a country that does not appear in the list of countries qualifying for the program, you can apply by presenting a country of a different citizenship than the one you were born in. You may qualify if your spouse or your parents were born in a country that appears on the qualifying list. The US State Department receives applications for the green card lottery program only during a specified time period.

Participating in the Diversity Visa Lottery

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

visa lottery programThe visa lottery or the Green Card Lottery is also known as the “American Green Card Lottery”. This lottery is an opportunity for ambitious and lucky people who belong to a qualifying country to live and work in the United States. The State Department of US issues approximately 55,000 visas through the visa lottery. The significant increase in number of people applying for H-1B visas brought about the existence of the visa lottery.

Every visa lottery is named after the economic year for which it was designed. The name for the lottery of 2010 was DV-2012. The visa lottery is a great plan of the US government for increasing diversity in the country and to give people around the globe an opportunity to get permanent residency in the US. Permanent residents have the right to claim health care, education and to sponsor their relatives for green cards.

Following are the requirements to take part in visa lottery:

Step 1: Only people born in or native of eligible countries can take part in the lottery. List of eligible countries which can apply in the lottery are published by state government every year.

Note: If you are not from an eligible country but your spouse or parent is from one of the countries mentioned in the list, you can still apply.

Step 2: You must possess a high school diploma or something equal to this or you must have been working for two years, in the last 5 years, in a job that requires training.

Once your eligibility is established, the next step would be to register and submit your visa lottery application online with photos. The online applications can only be made during a time period specified by the State Department.

Registrations are opened in the fall and the lottery results will be out in the following spring/summer. The photo specifications are detailed by the State Department which requires an applicant to upload the photos with the application within a specific time period; this time period is usually of 60 minutes. The applications are usually accepted between October and December.

It is advised that you possess all the necessary information and required photographs at the time of filling the application as it would not be possible for you to save and exit the application in between.

If you are one of the lucky applicants, then you will be informed by the Kentucky Consular Center about the date and time of your interview according to your case number. You will NOT get your winning notification by normal mail, email, fax or over the phone. You have to check the results online through the DV entrant status check.

Winning the lottery does not entitle you to get a visa right away, it only makes you eligible to apply for an immigrant visa and you must prove your eligibility at the interview to get the visa followed by the normal immigrant visa procedure.

USA Green Card Lottery and its Privileges

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Every year the US Government conducts the USA Green Card Lottery program popularly known as Diversity Lottery (DV lottery), which, if you win, can earn you the status of lawful permanent resident of the US. It is this lucky draw that can be your ticket to permanent entry – working and living permit – in the US.

USA Green Card Lottery or Diversity Lottery (DV)

The Diversity Lottery which is conducted yearly, issues 50,000 Green Cards to immigrants by a process of random selection. Applicants need to meet certain simple but inflexible criteria of eligibility, to apply for the USA Green Card lottery. As all the countries are not allowed to apply, the initial criterion is that an individual has to belong to an eligible country, which is usually the country of his / her birth and not the one where he / she is living now. Another criterion is that an aspirant must have at least an education up to high school standard or something similar to it; or 2 years of work experience during the last 5 years.

The reason why every country is not on the eligibility list it that any country from which a huge number of migrants is moving to the US is not allowed to apply. In the Employment and Family based visa groups, if 50,000 or more people have migrated to US from a particular country during the previous five years, then that country would enter into the list of ineligible countries for the present year’s DV free lottery program.

Participating in the USA Green Card Lottery

Even if you do not belong to a country meeting the necessary requirements, you can still apply for the USA Green Card lottery if your spouse belongs to a qualifying country. If selected, the candidate and the spouse have to enter the US together. Children who are below 21 years of age and listed in the application can come with their parents to the US .

An individual who does not belong to a qualifying country can also become eligible through his/her parent(s) provided neither of them was an inhabitant of any disqualifying country when the applicant was born.

An eligible individual must submit only one application, as more than one will lead to disqualification. However, married couples can both submit one entry each if they meet the qualifying necessities for the USA Green Card lottery.

At the Kentucky Consular Center, all the received applications are numbered separately. From every geographic zone, the computer will select randomly from the correct entries, extending a fair and equal chance to all applicants of the USA Green Card lottery program. If you win, the Kentucky Consular Center will forward an appointment letter 4-6 weeks prior to your interview with the Overseas US consular officers. The chosen aspirants, when applying for the Visa, must pay all required immigrant visa fees at the US Consulate or Embassy in person.

Benefits of Winning the USA Green Card Lottery

Acquiring the Green Card through USA Green Card lottery can yield you a lot of benefits, which are:

  • You will gain the right to request for government funded economic support for your education. You can avail ‘in-state’ or ‘resident’ tuition, paying much less for your college and university and thus saving 3-4 times more than foreigners.
  • You will earn the permission to work anywhere in US, irrespective of hours/week, job function, etc. except for those companies that only recruit US citizens. It will provide more job prospects, as you will no longer require a sponsorship of an employer, and will be able to provide security clearance needed in a new profession.
  • You will have the permit to actually start your own business and create a company. If you have worked for 40 quarters, that is for 10 years before you retire, you will be entitled to receive Social Security Benefits.
  • You will be exempted from the restrictions of exporting and become suitable for government grants.
  • You will be able to sponsor your partner and single children below 21 years of age to get status of permanent residence. A family Green Card will remain valid once you lose a job or pass away.
  • Children of a Green Card holder, after turning 21 years of age and getting married can stay in US, unlike families with work permits, whose children have to get a student and work visa in order to study and work in the US territory.

Moreover, a Green Card holder can apply for citizenship, though it is not compulsory. Remaining a Green Card holder forever makes you eligible for most of the lawful rights of a US citizen apart from the right to vote. If your native country gives permission for dual citizenship, you can become a US citizen without giving up your present nationality as well.

Know About DV Green Card Lottery

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

You can become a permanent resident of US by getting a Green Card. It allows people to stay, work, live and enjoy many of the basic rights that US citizens have. There are quite a few legal ways to get a Green Card.

What Is US Visa Lottery?

One of the ways you can try getting a Green Card is via the DV Green Card Lottery system. Immigrants have a golden chance to get permanent residence in the US by means of the DV Green Card Lottery program. Applicants are selected arbitrarily to win a Green Card and around 50,000 Green Cards are issued every year.

Applicants must belong to a qualifying country and comply with all requirements for participation in the program. US immigration authorities do not allow every country to fall in the category of “qualifying countries”. Applicants need to belong to a qualifying country and also meet the educational/work experience qualifications to be eligible of applying for a Green Card.

Now you would be wondering why the citizens of certain countries are not allowed to take part in Green Card free lottery. After analyzing the past records and current ratio of visa applications, US immigration department has put certain restrictions. Some countries are not eligible for DV lottery since more than 50,000 people from that country would have immigrated to the US, using family or employment visas, during the last 5 years.

Only one application must be submitted by an eligible person. If you submit more than one entry, you will be excluded from the Green Card free lottery program. However if you are married and your spouse also wants to apply, then you both can submit separate entries to be included in the lottery program.

Don’t lose your heart if you are not from a qualifying country. You can still submit an application if your spouse belongs to an eligible country. If the application is approved, both husband and wife have to enter the US together. Children aged below 21 can also accompany their parents to the USA. If your spouse is not eligible, then you can also submit an application through your parents in case one or both of your parents belong to a qualifying country.

What Procedures Are Involved In DV Green Card lottery?

The application for DV Green Card lottery must be submitted online to the Kentucky Consular Center. The computer system will randomly pick from the list in way that all applicants will have an equal chance of being selected.

You can check the results through the E-DV entrant status check. Winners will be notified for an interview at least 4 to 6 weeks before the interview date. Kentucky Consular Center gives people ample time to prepare for the interview with US consular officers. All fees and form charges must be submitted at the time of visa application to the US embassy in your country.

If your are in the US and your application is selected, you can also apply for the adjustment of status to permanent resident. Your application has to be submitted at USCIS as soon as possible.


Immigration Lotto – The Easiest Way to Become a US Citizen

Monday, February 21st, 2011

If you are longing to enter US, then a simple process of getting a green card through a lottery, called DV lottery program can make your dream come true. A green card will allow you to enter, work, and reside in the US permanently, awarding you the status of a legal resident in US. There are numerous ways to acquire a green card, but Immigration Lotto is the easiest and simplest possible way to earn authority for you and your family to work and live in US, permanently.

Immigration Lotto and its Eligibility Criteria

Immigration Lotto or Diversity Visa (DV) lottery program is conducted every year, which awards 50,000 green cards to aspirants, who are randomly selected. In order to register yourself with the immigration lotto, you need to meet certain requirements like:

1. Belong to a qualifying country – Citizens of nearly every country in the world are eligible to register in the immigration lotto, apart from some nations, from where large number of migrants enters US regularly. A country is barred from entering into this lotto, if more than 50,000 nationals of that country have immigrated into the US, under the employment and family based visa category during the last 5 years. The qualifying country is generally the country of your birth. If you want to register in this lotto, you have to submit only one application, as more than one entry can lead to disqualification. However, if husband and wife, both meet eligibility criteria, they can submit separate applications.

2. Educational or Training Qualifications – An aspirant must either:

i) have successfully completed High School Education or something similar in his / her home country, as recognized in US OR

ii) have two years of work experience, during the last five years.

The following countries are the ones that are ineligible for registering for immigration lotto:

Brazil, Philippines, China (mainland), Canada, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Macao, Columbia, Ecuador, Poland, Guatemala, El Salvador, South Korea, Haiti, Jamaica, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Peru and Vietnam.

Even if you belong to a non-qualifying country, you can enter this lotto through:

  • your spouse, if your spouse is from an eligible nation,
  • your parent(s) nations of birth meet eligibility.


Registering for immigration lotto is very simple and fast. You need to fill the electronic lotto application form via the Internet. When the application is complete, you will have to submit photographs of all family members registered and pay the processing fee. Once the registration is complete, you will receive a notice of confirmation number using which you can remain updated about your status and results of the application.


At the Kentucky Consular Center, the separately numbered applications are selected randomly from every geographic area. If selected, the Kentucky Consular Center will send letters of appointment to the individuals prior to their interview with the overseas US consular officers.

Applicants can check if they have won the immigration lotto or not through the DV entrant status check.

Winning the USA Green Card Lottery

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Diversity Visa or Green Card Lottery is basically a program conducted by the US Department of State Kentucky Consular Center which assigns US citizenship to 50,000 people from different regions. To submit a diversity visa application you must be eligible as per the criteria defined by US immigration authorities.

How Can You Win a USA Green Card Lottery?

The lottery program has no age limitations, which means that people of every age group can take part in the lottery program. However there are certain eligibility requirements that should be kept in mind when you participate in the USA green card lottery program.

  • First of all, you must hold citizenship of a qualifying country.
  • Your education should be at least high school or equivalent or you should have professional working experience of 2 years during the past 5 years. This automatically rules out applicants below the age of 18.

As per the requirements, you need to submit an application using the online USA green card lottery form.

A strict rule has been made which restricts an applicant from submitting more than one application during a year. If you have submitted more than one application, it will be declined right away and you will not be able to participate in the USA green card lottery program.

Moreover, if you are married, you need to include the name of your spouse, and details of his/her nationality. You will also have to include the same information of your child(ren) below the age of 21, if any. However, if your spouse or children hold US nationality then there is no need to include their details in the form.

Selection Criteria and Further Process:

All applications received by Kentucky Consular Center are checked for accuracy and any application without the required information is set aside. The complete applications are assigned a unique number which is also known as registration number.

Now, with the help of an automated system, 50,000 applications are randomly shortlisted in a way that each application has equal chances to be included in the lottery. Each selected application is again assigned a serial number. For instance, the first randomly selected entry will be numbered 1; second will be numbered 2, third as 3 and so on.

Applicants can check their case status online at the government website using their confirmation number. This is the only way to check the results. Winning candidates will be provided with further instructions and information about fees.

Once you have received a confirmation of a formal interview with immigration authorities, you need to prepare yourself and for this you will have time of at least one month to 6 weeks. If everything goes well in the interview, you will be issued a visa.

Each year, the entries selected in the lottery program are in excess to the number of visas that will be issued. This is because not every selected applicant qualifies for the green card nor does everyone choose to complete the green card lottery process. USA Green Card Lottery program is closed once all 50,000 visas are allotted.

American Green Card Lottery, American Idol and the American Dream

Friday, February 4th, 2011

American Green Card Lottery, American Idol and the American Dream

As 16 year old, American Idol contestant, Melinda Ademi, walked onto the stage, she experienced just a glimmer of the American Dream.

This is an inspirational story of young girl from the New York area, who came to this country along with her family as war refugees from Kosovo. Her father spoke of winning the Green Card Lottery. This is a program that issues 50, 000 immigration visas every year to people chosen at random from eligible countries. Filling out an application is simple but it has to been done accurately and completely before it is submitted to increase your chances of winning the Green Card Lottery, also known as the Diversity Visa Lottery.

Her father spoke of how Melinda’s family won the green card lottery and were granted green cards to come to the U.S. Having a Green Card is a big deal because not only does it give you the right to live and work permanently in the U.S., it paves the way to U.S. Citizenship – the ultimate American dream.

In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie only needed one golden ticket to make his dreams come true. Melinda has had two golden tickets in her early life: winning the American Green Card Lottery and now the stage of American Idol in Hollywood. Dreams really do can come true – it’s just the American way.

For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.”

Senator Ted Kennedy, 1980 Democratic National Convention Address

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